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The following Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of this Netflix Community. (1) Don't forget that this website is unaffiliated with Netflix, Inc, and is run by regular folks who join here independently. (2) Participation here does not necessarily mean you are a current Netflix subscriber, nor do you even need to be. (3) This is… Continue

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Thanks for joining Movie Fans! We are a diverse collection of movie lovers with varied tastes and styles, gathered together to discuss one thing we all love, MOVIES (oh, and TV SHOWS, too). While independent of the company Netflix, most of us are members and are happy to share information regarding the site. Here you have the opportunity to:
+ ask the difficult questions (about movies, the Netflix website, etc.);
+ surf forums (to discuss movies or whatever);
+ create your own home page;

Besides an open topic forum, we have a section labeled Groups which caters to more specific interests in genres, directors, trivia and general movie fun. Some you may like, some you may not, but we encourage you to look around and find what works for you.

Topics on the main board address all different kinds of interests and inquiries. Don't be shy. So again, welcome aboard! Strap in and enjoy the action packed, romantic, summer movie thrill ride that is Movie Fans - A Netflix Community.



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"The Netflix Blog"

What Netflix CFO David Wells Really Said About Net Neutrality and Title II Yesterday

For anyone interested in what Netflix Chief Financial Officer David Wells actually said about net neutrality during yesterday’s Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, here’s both the audio of his talk and the excerpt related to the FCC’s recent vote and Title II:

The full audio is here. [Net neutrality question and answer starts at 34:50.]

“So, over the last year, we've been very pleased that we've been able to rise the issues beyond that narrow piece out into the public consciousness, and I think that, that has come before. Were we pleased that it pushed to Title II, probably not, right? I mean, we were hoping that, there might be a non-regulated solution to it. But it seems like companies that are pursuing their commercial interests including us have to arrive at something like that. So we're super pleased that there is now a notion, at least a vehicle, for a complaint where if we are in the position we were in 12 to 18 months ago, where we can show you what it looks like if you're a subscriber on one ISP versus another. The notion of “well we're paying this one” and that these people are getting better service, even though they’re both paying their consumer price for bandwidth. So I would say we are very pleased with what's been accomplished. You know when you're successful as the ISPs are at providing a service. Essentially Internet has become a utility. If you think about people's willingness to drop their broadband, I think there's been some studies that they're willing to drop many other things including buying milk before they dropped their broadband. That's a pretty strong indicator that you've got something that has become, you know, a utility. And in our opinion it was very important to protect those notions.”

Anne Marie

Anne Marie Squeo is a member of the Netflix communications team.  



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Nerves replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"The Howards of Virginia (1940)Could you buy Cary Grant as a backwoods, square-dancing, American Colonist of Irish descent with crude manners who tends to holler a lot? Neither did I. Set in the years leading up to and including the American War…"
2 hours ago
eviltimes left a comment for kyloubird
"Welcome to Movie Fans, kyloubird!  Love your avatar.  Enjoy!"
4 hours ago
Profile IconEmma and kyloubird joined Netflix Movie Fans
4 hours ago
eviltimes replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Gots to be careful with old favorites."
4 hours ago
Ando replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Perfect spot. ha... things weighed a ton.  It's just that I remember the movie being a lot more fun than it is. And I get it: the revolutionary fervor of the 60s by '76 is down to (a literal) fizzle and everyone is a slave to the…"
7 hours ago
kyloubird replied to greenslade98's discussion 'my computer cant find the netflix page??'
"I had same problem found this then I went to netflix web support and it worked First thank you e manderthal the Look here link worked but I wanted to fix problem I am using Chrome so I went to my Chrome…"
16 hours ago
Ando replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Car Wash (1976, Schultz) Dumb. Were dudes, even down-on-their-luck 70s youngsters, ever this dopey? Frankly, I think they should have jettisoned the un-hip Joel Schumachet script and let the actors improv the whole thing. The only thing that…"
20 hours ago
Ando replied to Ando's discussion 'Toni Morrison' in the group book tv
"Oh, yeah. "
Nerves replied to The Professor's discussion 'What did you watch today? v 35.0'
"Morocco (1930)After making The Blue Angel (1930) von Sternberg returned to America with Dietrich in tow for her American film debut. The advent of sound did not diminish von Sternberg's visually poetic style and his use of sound in this…"
eviltimes replied to Ando's discussion 'Toni Morrison' in the group book tv
"Overall, I mean.  Without Brian there would be no C-SPAN, and all the goodness that followed."
Ando replied to Ando's discussion 'Toni Morrison' in the group book tv
"Good deflection. Current president, Susan Swain, interviewed Morrison for that session. Lamb seemed to veer all over the place with his questions. Need to take another look at the Shelby Foote interview..."
eviltimes replied to Ando's discussion 'Toni Morrison' in the group book tv
"Of necessity (we all get old), but Brian Lamb was a national treasure."

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