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Any topics surrounding particular movies, finding movies, movie questions, trivia, whatever. (If you are looking for the name of a movie also try the group: What's The Name of That Movie?) View Discussions

What did you watch today? v 34.0 2210 Replies

Started by The Professor. Last reply by eviltimes 14 hours ago.

Best Detective's television or movies? 104 Replies

Started by DLM. Last reply by David 15 hours ago.

TV Shows, new and old...

Any topics surrounding television programs - in particular those on DVD, but not necessarily. Sitcoms, cartoons, series, movies-for-TV, etc. View Discussions

Please put "House M.D" on Netflix 2 Replies

Started by Reese. Last reply by 1r868knlxy9jh Dec 29, 2013.

Old Movie..Nun Dies 3 Replies

Started by grandmadaleyx11. Last reply by Baff Dec 26, 2013.

Amusing inconsistencies in Star Trek TNG 6 Replies

Started by MachZero. Last reply by MachZero Nov 27, 2013.

Smallville and Lois and Clark

Started by Angelus121 Sep 1, 2013.

Admin Notices

Welcomes, FAQs, rules View Discussions

BEWARE? 41 Replies

Started by droidmaker. Last reply by Jessamyamsin Nov 22, 2012.

A Netflix Community domain name change 43 Replies

Started by spiderpig. Last reply by ♥Bela L♥ Sep 12, 2011.

Ning 50 Replies

Started by droidmaker. Last reply by Rev. Mark Sep 21, 2008.

The Netflix Website

Topics about the way the website works, features, wishes, problems. View Discussions

Terms of Use Banner Reminders 8 Replies

Started by Arado. Last reply by alfadog Apr 7.

Really bad lag on Watch Instantly!!! 12 Replies

Started by Candy. Last reply by eviltimes Dec 18, 2013.

General Discussion

Topics for everyone, that don't seem to have their own place... View Discussions

Anti Wrinkle Cream

Started by michaelryan234 on Tuesday.

DVDs Starting To Lack Extras? 2 Replies

Started by PeteCress. Last reply by thatboy on Tuesday.

Netflix Party Mode!

Started by matt Oct 30, 2013.




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