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I was wondering is anybody having some sound problems with some movies and how I could fix that? Like the sound is really low in some movies for me even after I've turned up the volume all the way and other times it's perfectly okay and loud enough even if I have the sound half way up.

As an example, I was watching Safety in Numbers and I can barely hear it.

But Season 1 of Weeds, the sound is loud and I have no problem with it.

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Do you mean in instant or rental? I notice films are lower on instant viewing. The other day a friend and I were watching one and we wished it could have been louder. I had the volume set at max on the speakers, the netflix player, and the volume setting on the computer controls. :/
The instant viewing.

But like I said some things aren't like that. Some movies the sound is perfectly loud and others I have trouble hearing it even with the volume turned up to the max like you were saying.
I've noticed this too but not a major gripe (yet) for me...

It seemed like the sound effects were fine but the voices were low.

One thing I did do was turn down the 'Sound Effects' in the options so when I had to turn the volume up there wasn't such a disparity.
Yeah I noticed that too.

The last movie I watched where I could barely hear the voices even with max volume, when they played background music (like when the scenes change) that was loud enough and clear and when the dialogue came back, I could barely hear what they were saying again.

Can you tell me where the "Sound Effects" options is on Windows Vista?
The voice track on Mystery of the Nile: IMAX is just missing altogether.
I noted this in the website errors thread.
Thank you
I recently got a Netflix trial membership, and I am unable to get adequate sound with IW movies. I have tried several movies, and all have the same problem: the sound skips so much that it's unintelligible. It sounds like a drumbeat or machinegun fire. I have tried both Firefox and IE. I just upgraded my sound card and it's good enough for all of the games I play, so I don't think it's underpowered for watching movies. Any idea what the issue may be?
I'm using a ASUS Xonar DX card with up to date drivers.
Fixed. Not a Turnip's reply led me to believe this had to be a sound card problem, so I asked someone who was more knowledgeable about my particular card about this problem. It seems that it's actually overpowered instead of underpowered for Netflix's player, and I turned off features on the card like Dolby headphones and GX sound then reloaded the movie I was trying, and this fixed the issue. All the movies I was trying before play normally now with decent audio. Thanks.
Hi...can you please help me fix this sound problem with ASUS Xonar DX card . Thank toy
I can try. I found that Netflix's online movies (as well as some PC games) are incompatible with the Dolby headphones and GX features in Xonar. What I did was open up Xonar's control panel, and in the main section, disabled Dolby headphones, and then clicked on the GX button in the right side-bar to disable that. If this doesn't work immediately, try restarting and then open the Netflix movie again. Does this work for you?




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