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Does anyone know why Netflix doesn't allow even the most filtering or sorting ? ie, why can't I select Documentaries and then sort by date or by rating ? Or select all action movies from 2007 ?

They have good programmers and this is a pretty basic thing that Amazon and others allow. Is it because they to encourage people to not take out the same movies ? ie, would that cause everyone to want to rent the highest rated, latest releases ?

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well like you said... It is a basic thing to search for movies..... so my guess is they have a reason not to do things that simple because like you said it would be easier for people to rent the same movies... and they sure don't want that....
I also wonder if they removed "releasing this week" section for the same reason: everyone was trying to rent the latest releases at the same time.
So, with a number of clicks you can sort a given genre by Title, MPAA, or User Rating.

What about sorting a text search ? Or sorting by date released ? Or any kind of filtering (so you can select only movies released in 2007 or only movies with Tom Hanks in them) ?

It seems like the philosophy behind the site has been that Netflix will tell you the movies you want to watch. I'd much rather browse and find them on my own. Today, much like James, I do this in IMDB and then go to netflix and add them to my queue, which is a pain.
True. Over at (which I left for netflix), every week I just checked for new blurays and added them to my queue. Now, I have to have open while I add stuff to my netflix queue. I should definitely be able to see the available blurays by order of release date. Netflix's website has fallen behind the competition. While their prices, selection, and customer service are top-notch, I shouldn't have to snipe movies from somebody else's website.
They have a way of dealing with popular DVDs: it gets marked as "short wait" or "long wait", and they have a (presumeably fair) algorithm for deciding who gets copies as they come back. As a customer, that process feels reasonable to me.

If they really are intentionally creating a frustrating user experience to guide people to not rent the popular DVDs that's pretty bad.
True, netflix has had great success in the online DVD distribution market, but I'm with Drew. Why would they not let me look at the movies coming out this week? Because they'll be in high demand. Like Drew said, just tell me there's a long wait or short wait or whatever. I shouldn't have to have open alongside netflix just to add new releases to my queue.

Why would I be "happier" adding movies from over one year ago to my queue? That's what netflix considers "new releases" now. Anything from smokin aces to a mighty heart. LOL, that's not even close.

I wasn't around for the older UI, but I do know that's one thing I miss from BB online.
LOL, message boards were invented to let people complain to other people. The only truth is that not having the weekly DVD releases advertised is annoying to us. It's pretty awesome that you like not having it.

There's no denying, though, that Prison Break season 1 on bluray is NOT a new release like my current new release page is telling me. Fix one or the other, that's all.
They believe that most customers are happier finding other movies that are not in high demand, rather than waiting for those that are in high demand.

Exactly! I started watching the "I Love Lucy" series from the beginning. Great stuff!!!
Like I've said before... I will probably be with Netflix fora long long time.. because it's the best thing to happen to MOVIES... And man do I love movies..... But I also think a Hard Truth is ColdOne does kiss a little too much Netflix Ass.. Like they are gonna give him/her a prize for trying to defend their every move.

Here is what I agree and disagree with: Almost Everyone wants their damn New Releases!!!! whether it be the BIG Blockbuster Movie that just came out... or the not so known foreign film that was just released..... So yes I agree People should stop whining about the waits for these New Movies and get over it!!!! If thats all you joined up for... I don't think Netflix is for those type people.... But what I dont agree with.... Is Netflix purposley making it hard to find their movies just because they think they know what someone wants to do more than the actual person... I think that is just Stupid.... So there is Stupid on both sides.
Well the deal is... NETFLIX is obviously trying to tell their 8 million customers by the way they have set up the website..... That if you are a Brand New Release only or pretty close to it Renter... That they don't really want them as their customer.... So In fact... If they don't want to open their tiny little minds to the other thousands of possibities..They should probably wait at Blockbuster or wherever and wait for their Neighbor to return it..

When a company Gets This Dang Big... Customers need to start thinking about the Numbers....... No Netflix probably won't buy 8 million copies of " I am Legend ".... Gosh that makes sense......

NETFLIX needs to start making their site more Movie Finding easy and stop trying to covertly hide things and make it a little harder to find movies cause they don't have enough copies!!

CUSTOMERS need to start using their little bity brains just a little bit and think " Gosh , I'm not the only one renting " and start looking for other movies to watch or YES " DEAL WITH " the wait times... Or take their precious money to someone that can get that Brand New Release into their hungry little DVD player the morning it comes out.
I agree, we should be able to sort by rating, AT LEAST on the Instant Watch movies. We should NOT be restricted to simply view the top movies without any organization whatsoever, we should be able to sort them while browsing each genre.




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