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I used Watch Instantly for the first time last night. Everything worked OK except for one problem. The video was very choppy constantly (as opposed to the choppiness every 10-15 minutes other people have reported when the download catches up). For example, I was watching Red Dwarf, and when the spaceship moved across the screen it moved in discreet 1" movements.

I'm wondering if it is the result of running Windows XP from within VMWARE (on an Ubuntu host) or if it is my video card. I have an older card--I think it is a 64MB card. (I forget--I've had it for years.) I don't think it is a hard drive issue--the drive is a newer, fast drive with no known hardware issues.

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I have noticed spaceships jittering in Star Trek Generations, but yet rest of movie was fine. Wierd?
The same thing happened with people walking around or moving their arms. :p It was just easier to demonstrate with the ship. The still parts of the picture looked incredibly good though.
Maybe I don't notice the jitter in people walking around or maybe my video card being old but 128 mb is doing a slightly better job.
You might want to try watching it on your screen with enlarging the window [F11 key] instead of clicking on the button for full screen, and see if that works better for you.
Thanks--I'll try that tonight or tomorrow night. (I have aikido until late tonight.) It happened at both the default size and the non-F11 key full screen options.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I tried the F11 for full screen to no effect.

The setting causing the skipping is the "drop frames to keep audio in sync". If I uncheck that, the video is smoother more of the time but skips in bigger chunks less often to catch up.

I found a suggestion to turn off the overlays and the video mixer, which helped a bit. I also turned on DirectX support. This seems to have fixed 90% of the problem.

If MicroSoft had a decent way to set the priority on a process up a little, without destroying the rest of the system, it seems like it would be OK. Bumping the IE process even one level of priority renders the system unstable--IE grabs so much processor time, the network connection starves.

Processor is a P4 2.80GHz
LOL Video card is a Matrox Millenium G450 32MB :p

I kind of think it is the video card... Near as I can tell it is 8-10 years old.
I realize this is an old post, but it was the first entry that comes up for Google.
I found that moving down the hardware acceleration a couple notches fixed the problem for me.
Display Properties->Settings->Advanced->Troubleshoot
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