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Is there any way to adjust the settings for the Media Player plug-in? All the movies I watch instantly are so dark sometimes you can't tell what's going on.

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I use WI all the time and haven't noticed any problems like that. Do you want to provide a few samples for us to check out? It might just be something on your computer that NFWI tech support could help with (866-402-2616 -- wait time is usually about a minute).

I have trouble watching some movies through netflix using a wii.


Sample movies are


Secret Invasion

Ambush Bay


I have adjusted my tv to as light as I can get and still has no effect of the movies


yes, sounds like a computer setting.
more importantly, can we lobby for subtitles on english speaking foreign movies. for example Aussie, Irish, Cockney, for me are not understandable but i'd like to watch those kind of movies.
I want subtitles on American movies that take place south of the Mason-Dixon line or movies that involve Southerners north of that line. I just don't get what they're trying to say. I also want Canadian movies subtitled, they sound weird too. Oh, and New Yorkers. In fact, anyone who does not sound like Tom Brokaw should be subtitled.
I want subtitles on American movies that take place south of the Mason-Dixon line or movies that involve Southerners north of that line.

IF that dang Jefferson Davis hadn't been such a lousy President, this would not even be an issue.
I have to adjust the brightness up on my monitor when I watch IW.
I'm having this same problem. Unless I'm watching anime/animation, the picture is too dark too watch. It's frustrating because I've adjusted my settings. Not only is my monitor set to bright/contrast at 100%, my video card control panel (nvidia/nview) has separate "video/tv" settings. I adjusted those and they've made things very bright. But it's had no effect on Netflix's movie player. What makes me think it's a Netflix player problem is that I've had no problems watching my video downloads in WMV or videos at youtube. I have similar problems with my DVD watching with PowerDVD. No controls for adjusting brightness. I'm hoping it really is the monitor because I'm planning to build a new system by April 09. I really would like to watch the foreign films in my queue soon!
Probably not Netflix as I've never experienced it being too dark. Is it happening to all movies you watch or just one particular title?
Anything involving actual humans plays dark (like the Invisible, the Cell, American Gothic). Gender Rebel and the United States of Tara seemed to play okay. Anything with indoor or night time scenes plays way too dark. Anime/Cartoons is about all I can watch and see what's going on at all times. I have a CRT monitor. One woman claims she called customer service and got the problem solved by reducing the hardware acceleration. I'm curious as to how this would affect brightness since I build my own PCs. And I've had no trouble with CNN or other news video players, youtube, and downloaded video played through WMV player (but there I can adjust my brightness if something is too dark). I'm still tinkering though........

I finally freakin' did it!!!!! I opened my Windows Media Player, clicked on Tools, then Options and went to the Performance tab. Under Video Acceleration, push or click the slider to the halfway mark. Click Apply/Ok and you're done! I went back to my darkest videos and they were finally normal looking movies! I didn't know the WMP had a separate hardware acceleration that could be adjusted!

That felt almost as good as fixing the Blue Screen of Death last week! Gotta go...I got movies to catch up on! What shall I watch first?? .....Hope this helps someone in the future. Thanks!




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