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I do not like the new way new releases are displayed on Netflix. It makes it very hard to find the latest releases. I have to go to blockbusters website to find all the new releases then come back to netflix and add them to my queue. This is really annoying and I don't understand why they changed it when the old way was far better. If there is anyone out there that feels the same way, let Netflix that this format needs to be changed.

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No, everyone loves the new page.

But since you dislike it, try these links.

New Release RSS feed
Old "Releasing This Week" page

Please delete the other three threads you just created.
Was it really needed to start 4 discussions(all the same text) in 4 different forums? A search for new release brings up many threads already started. There is probably a 99% chance the link showing on the NF website will never go back. The old link still works(unknown for how long) so use that. Or use, they list out all the new releases with links to the movies page.
No...everyone does NOT love the new page. It does make it harder to find new releases. The majority of Netflix customers I know have been saying the same thing and that they have to go to other sites for information on new releases. It is annoying. Could it be that the new format makes the new releases harder to find so it slows the large number of requests that Netflix already cannot adequately fill?
I was about to cancel my subscription because of this. Get it together NETFLIX!!
I'll second that. Get a life McAbre! People are just trying to get assistance, not be insulted.
Starting 4 identical threads is no way to make friends in a community you've just joined. If "Donna" is out to start a career of harassment. she's off to a good start.
If she actually is just trying to get assistance, there's a book called learning how to learn that I'd recommend to her.

At any rate, after her 4 posts, she seems to have disappeared. Once again, my suspicions that there are fictional characters among us are aroused...
I do agree that people could be approached a little nicer but in 2McAbre defense. I was one of the first 50 or so on the forum. I have continued to watch people daily join the forum and within minutes post a negative thread. It is very frustrating for those that want to enjoy the community. Nothing wrong with wanting to vent. But, take the time to review threads that have had much conversation already posted. What is the point of beating a dead horse to death. Also I think it would have been different if Donna wouldnt have posted the same thread 4 times. She obviously wanted some attention and she got it.
Your points are taken, but lets remember she posted 4 times within minutes.
Well well well. This question certainly seems to have stirred up a lot of emotions! Donna, sorry you had to get so blasted, but glad to see the rest of you who kicked in with kind support. I agree that for a new person, which i still consider myself to be, a blog like this can be very intimidating. I personally have never joined a blog before (except my own that I started two months ago) and had no idea what to expect. I don't really know the blog 'patter' or etiquette and trying to find my way around the site can be confusing. I literally didn't know what a 'feed' meant until this week and still can't figure out how to put them on my own site. Call me computer illeterate or whatever but hey, we all have to start somewhere. And i agree that it is a turnoff to new people to get slammed with such harsh judgements. Maybe if Donna did the four postings at once thing numerous times after everyone had pointed out to her POLITELY that this was not neccessary (maybe she was confused as to which was the appropriate place to put her question?) we could all have reason to get annoyed. So a word from a 'newbie' to all you oldtimers, if you don't want to get pegged as some sort of 'clique' who is just too damn cool for the rest of us then back off. Or maybe you would prefer it that way?Your call, not mine. Welcome Donna, and for the record I too absolutely hate the New Releases format. So there.
I found this froum while trying to contact NF about a issue i was having. perhaps this was the case with new members who post negitive comments right off. now that i have been here alittle while get it and love it. i am still learning the ins and outs of the forum world. for example,i just figured out how to not get 85 e-mails after posting.(shrug).
I agree. I have written Netflix via cust. service on two occassions. I used to use the "releasing this week" section frequently. Now there is no such section. The new releases are "popular" new releases. I am not interested in what everyone else is watching. I've got my own tastes.
Actually, there is such a section. They just do not make it easy to find.

Old New Releases




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