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Ok a few stupid simple questions about the netflixs player.

Will I need a separate modem by my tv?

If so do I need the internet company to come out and set up another internet connection or can I use the cable outlet from where I connect it to the tv?

ok i think that's it for now, any help will be appreciated.

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majority prefers wired for better quality.

I've seen no difference in quality or speed, but wired is often more reliable, secure, and easier to set up if the modem is in the right room.
So what you probably have is a Cable TV based Internet connection, which has a modem on the cable that gives you an ethernet connection to your PC, and that is in a different room to the TV set. It would be helpful if you could tell us the brand name and model number of the modem, how many sockets it has on it, and confirm that you have ethernet to your PC. Some modems have built-in wireless and extra ports.

If the modem only has one connection and its in the wrong room, then you need to get an additional router box that has wireless, there are many brands, but LinkSys and Netgear are common. You connect the Cable modem to the uplink port on the router instead of the PC, then connect the PC to one of the regular ethernet ports on the router and connect the Roku to the router over the wireless.

Hope that helps...
So what you probably have is a Cable TV based Internet connection, which has a modem on the cable that gives you an Ethernet connection to your PC, and that is in a different room to the TV set.

Yes. this it what I have. I have the Motorola SB5120 SURFboard, and it's connected to the computer, but that's two rooms away from my tv. so there is no way to connect the roku to the tv from there.

the modem has one coaxe cable, one ethernet, and one USB port on the back.

Isn't wireless service different then a regular modem? would i have to call the cable company to order it or do I just by the wireless modem?

Thanks so much for all the help so far.
You won't need a new modem or, fortunately, anything from the cable company. What you need is a "wireless router" that connects to you modem and will transmit an internet signal throughout your house that the Roku will pick up. If you just go to an online or retail vender and search or ask for a "wireless router" you will see many offerings. I recently bought the Linksys WRT160N. It was a snap to set up and has worked perfectly, but I'm sure many others would do the same.
I have this Linksys router and it works fine with the Roku. It's quite a few years old and is still holding up. I'm partial to Linksys just because I've used that brand before and it's easy to set up.
It's fairly simple. You just need a wireless router to connect to your modem. The router will send the signal to the Ruko player (which is connected to your tv). That's how I have mine set-up. Our television & Ruko player are actually in our basement and it has no trouble receiving the signal from the wireless router.

You do not need a seperate modem by your TV and there's really no reason to have the internet company be involved. All you need to do is connect a wireless router to your existing modem. Most routers come with easy to install instructions, as well. Took me about half an hour and I was taking my time.
Alan, I'm clueless about WEP and WPA and other security stuff. But by turning on WEP or WPA, does that mean Jenn will have password protected her router?

If so, then Jenn, if you need help doing this, come back here before you hook up your Roku, otherwise you'll just have to go through set up again (the Roku will store your password for your router).
With the Linksys I bought in June, it was even easier than reading a manual (not that that is all that difficult). On the set-up CD, which you watch on the computer monitor, it asks whether you want your router protected (or something like that). After you enter yes, it gives you a password. Very user friendly.
I have tried the wireless conection to ruko it didn't work at all. Something about having walls in my house ( I was asked that by Belkin) I understand about rg6 and ethernet and the ruko player there is only two ways to the problem run cat5 though your house or Buy a rg6 to ethernet converter . The converter is a bridge over coax. Here is the model I have and it works great NH-310C ( HPNA3.1 Ethernet Bridge over Coaxial Cable . Yes you can buy a large enough wireless but a some point cost gets involved. The converter is about a $100.00 but a large wireless is going to be higher if your like me I am gettig tired of spending money on this ruko box that should have a rg6 connector.
You can also use a NetGear Ethernet Extender Kit (About $70 for a pair).

They work great and like your coax bridge, these use your homes electrical wiring as a bridge. There's a lot of flexibility with these.

The ROKU box has no problems "Seeing" these either, just plug one into your modem/router (plugs into a wall outlet) and then plug the other into a wall outlet anywhere else in your house (then plug it into your roku) and tada!
I looked at a Extender but was unsure of all that unshielded romex. But if it works well ,good on ya
? Its all shielded, surge protection built in and everything...


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