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I give out very few 5 star ratings of movies. To me, a movie must be a masterpiece or really hit home on a personal level to get 5 stars. I feel that 4 stars is appropriate for even some of my favorite movies.

Others seem to give out 5 star ratings like candy. Even a movie like "Jaws:The Revenge" has some 5 star reviews - come on now...

What is your criteria for a 5 star rating and do you have any 5 star ratings of movies that were mostly hated by everyone else?

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the difference for me is that the fifth star goes to movies I love and WANT to watch again. it's not so much a reflection of quality as it is personal enjoyment.
Yep, the movie may be terrible by anyone elses standards, but not by mine, thus five stars cause I would watch that film again and again and again.
Ditto. And if I don't care for so many rec's and want to be more honest, I'll give it a 4. Every so often I go through my 3,4,5 star ratings and decide whether I should change them and which way.
I do it the same way. I have about 5 movies out of 150 that make 5 stars.
A very few of my ratings are 5 star.... i'm kinda the same that way..... very picky ..4 stars is fine for a great movie.
102 5-star movies out of 3626 ratings. I agree with B-Independent on personal enjoyment over film quality. Films that I awarded 5 stars are films I could watch over and over, that blew me away or have left a lasting impression.
I have a few that on some personal level connect and I can watch maybe once a year that get 5 stars if only to recommend to others. Otherwise they need to be masterpieces.
So what is a "masterpiece" if you're differentiating it from films that you connect to on a personal level?
Any movie that I love, really really love will get a 5 star from me. Sometimes that means its a classic which is well acted, beautifully filmed, won tons of awards.... and other times its just a movie that made me laugh and that i actually want to see more then once. I gave a five star rating to the movie Blow Dry. It probably got more bad ratings then good, but I really enjoyed it. The rating system really is relative. For me its actually harder to rate something a 1 star then five stars. i have plenty of movies I love, but not many that I hated. So in the end most of my ratings are 3 stars since i didn't hate them, didn't love them. Even a 2 star means didn't like...
It is interesting how the two camps tend to look down their noses at one another. I don't care, in comparison, whether I give many or few 5-star ratings. If a film really moves me, I might buy it and would certainly watch again, I'll give it five stars. Four stars for really liked it, might watch again. Three stars for glad I saw it, wouldn't want to again. Two stars for it was pretty bad but had at least a few qualities I could enjoy. One star for 'hated it'. I think those are pretty close to the Netflix guidelines. My voting has made the Netflix recommendations work really well for me. That's all that matters in the end, isn't it?
Thanks, Chawk! I'd never heard of The Big White until you mentioned it. Now it's on my Q and I'm looking forward to seeing it!




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