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So, my boyfriend is a recent immigrant. He's seen the Foreign Films in Spanish but very few American movies. I wanted to show him my favorite American movies in Spanish, but I was dissapointed by how few there actually are. Also, it sucks that you can't search Netflix by language. So I put together a list of the American movies dubbed in Spaniah that I've come across so far. I figured there might be a few other people who could benefit from it.

And, if I saved the link right, you should be able to link to it....

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Here's Netflix' list of Spanish-language films. But you're right, a list of Spanish American films isn't available, or English films dubbed into Spanish. (But why? Subtitles are so much better than dubbing.)
I prefer subtitles if I'm watching foreign-language films, personally. But my boyfriend prefers dubbing. I think the Lo-Def TV and his borderline-bad vision make it tough.
if you're interested in Latino films, i would like to invite you to join our Latino Film Maniacs group.
Hope you can find it of your interest. =) hope to see you there!
I have this curious feeling that I reading somewhere that movies made in English were difficult to dub in Spanish and that the there were people in Argentina who were better than most because the Argentina studios use a slower frames per second. One couldn't dream something so complicated. Could one?

This list makes Glenn Beck sad. "I love my country sooooo much!




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