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Can anyone think of good "Last man on earth movies" or movies that involves basically a person alone Here is a brief list of some I can think of:
I Am Legend
The Last Battle
The Omega Man
Planet of the Apes (everyone was an ape or a really downgraded cave human)

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The Last Man on Earth with Vincent Price is actually the first version of Richard Mathison's I Am Legend, and is much truer to the storyline. Also, if you like zombie movies, then I can recommend 28 Days Later.
...and then omega man is another version of the same. deus is right. just watch zombie movies.
Awesome. I have seen all the movies listed so far except The Last Man on Earth.
The DVD that NetFlix has of The Last Man on Earth includes a double feature called "Panic in Year Zero". It's about a family trying to survive after nuclear war wipes out LA, and it's got a lot of good commentary on the break down of social order and what people will resort to.
A Boy and His Dog is classic scorched earth type fare. It's on instant viewing. Not quite a Mad Max, but the same basic idea.
How about John Carpenter's "In the Mouth of Madness". It took most of its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft stories. "The Quiet Earth" is another classic.
Those are 2 of my favorites, as is the apocalyptic genre.
I also recommend The Quiet Earth and zombie movies and the 70's version of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Haven't seen The Quiet Earth. Putting that at the top of my queue.
Many of the original Twilight Zone episodes had last person on Earth type themes. Some are last people, rather than last person.

Where is Everybody? (the pilot episode)
The Lonely (the 1st regular episode)
Time Enough at Last (a true classic, I strongly recommend it)
People are Alike All Over
I Shot an Arrow into the Air
The Midnight Sun
On Thursday We Leave for Home
A Kind of a Stopwatch
Stopover in a Quiet Town
Probe 7 - Over and Out
On Thursday We Leave for Home, is that the one with the burning hot sun and the guy who considers himself a leader of his people? He runs the roost so to speak and they are supposed to get on a ship to finally take them home?
Where is Everybody and Time Enough at Last are the best! Oh what the hell am I talking about? They are all the best! I love all the Zone teleplays! lol There are so many to me that can be considered classics it's not even funny! Burgess Meredith in Time Enough is definitely one of them.




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