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Like someonelse earlier I have noticed that the Dvd's stick alot! I'd imagine that because they are handled by so many people, it's important to clean them each time you get them with a damp cloth or risk seeing them in poor resolution.

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I'm not touching this one with a ten foot pole....

(smirk) <-- ooops, sorry

(chuckle) (smirk)

There must be a rational explanation for this...Anyone?
lol...Kleenex Pihk?
Thanks but Manuel already got me a deal at wholesale. lol!
If by "stick" ya mean yer player stutters and stammers trying to continue and then either just gives up or decides to skip ahead in the movie, yeah I've noticed.

Hell I got a brand new netflix dvd this week that looked like it had never been handled at all, Dead Moon Rising. Never had a dvd give my players so many fits. Sometimes I wonder if it isn't because of copy protections. Altho I really can't believe they would have spent much to protect that movie, geesh what was I thinking. Must have been a mismouse when I was selecting, (yeah, right, uhuh, hey that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

Last year or so I have noticed that Sony dvds and my players really don't like each other very much. They will play them, but they sure do complain about it even the Sony player ha!. Yeah, I clean them regularly.

Hell that $59.00 cheapo job I bought for the tv in the basement plays Sony better than our higher end players.
Well with got that ACROS(?) or whatever they're copy protection is called again

Like others, my experience is that cheaper players are hardier than higher end ones when it comes to dirty/scratched dvds
Acros and Pupperlock I believe is what Sony is using these days, also have heard they are using an unconventional dvd structure also. I figure that last one is what gives my players that are 2 years old the majority of problems. Might also explain why the newer cheapo model works fine with them.

Real pain in the arse moving that player upstairs tho when something doesn't want to play on the other players. Maybe it's time to buy a new player, like the ones I have.
Philips dvd players..they take a lickin' and no stickin!!!
Thanks for all your replies! I especially like the one about the lens cleaner for the Dvd's. I guess I just forgot they do make these things. But as a rule of thumb I'll probably keep wiping each one every time with a damp cloth. Who likes getting into the very heart of a movie and having it stick.
What's most frustrating about this problem is stopping the DVD, cleaning it off, and then having to wait through all the FBI warnings when restarting. I hate the lockouts on those opening screens -- can't use the skip, menu or other buttons to move past them.
I've resorted to 'backing up' a movie in order to get it to play on my cheapo DVD player because 3 copies (of the same title) sent to me by NF had the skipping/stopping problem.
Oh my goodness! But you are probably right it must be the Dvd's. Better get online to customer service. They should be gracious and replace it.




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