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Anyone having issues with the website not fully loading all the images? Started a couple of days ago for me. I'm in Seattle on Comcast. Tried both IE and Firefox. Cleared my caches and cookies. Tried at work with a totally different connection and still had the same problem. Called Netflix, but I think they think I'm just a dumb user. Looks like the site is stalling on loading from their image servers. I'll be patient since it mostly works and hopefully one of their engineers (or maybe one of my ISP's engineers) will make a tweak somewhere and the problem will go away, but just wanted to see if I am not alone in my problem. Thanks in advance...

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I don't have any problems with images loading. SF Bay Area.
Just tried work again as well as a cellular data card and it worked fine Seems to be limited to my Comcast connection at home. Don't really relish dealing with them. Thanks for the reply.
I'm having the same problem using Comcast hi-speed broadband. But the problem appears to be intermitten, with the problem going away for awhile, then coming back unsuspectedly. It appears to have an issue when the netflix website tries to load between 40-80 images from one of their other webservers, In this case: It looks as if the problem might lay with comcast, seeing as their website loads fine using any other service (like AT&T yahoo DSL or Dialup).

For the most part, if you know the layout of the webpage, you'll find that most of the links still work, although it's quite a pain to do so without the images. And the mouse-overs obscure some of the page when you move your cursor over a movie.

I have yet to find the right person to talk to at comcast , but I'm sure we're not the only ones experiencing this issue.
I was getting stuck on the exact same server as well. Sounds like the same problem. See my reply below, Basically I had to turn off a setting in the firewall portion of my Comast business class modem to get it to work. Sounds like you may need to tweak some settings on whatever firewall you are using as well.
I had the same problem using IE7 and Comcast broadband.

I reset my modem (i.e., unplugged) and now everything works. Reseting modem might be the solution to this problem?
Turns out for me it was a setting on the modem Comacast had supplied for the business class service I ordered from them. I had to disable the smart packet detection on their business IP gateway. After doing so, Netflix loaded fine. Still not clear to me what the root of the problem was and I don't like disabling what appear to be security features, but it made it work now.
I also use Comcast business class service, with a supplied SMP IP gateway provided by them. I'll try disabling SPD and see where it goes.
thank you!!!!!
I couldn't figure out what the hell was wrong and this finally fixed it.

What's weird though, I have a comcast business gateway at the house and at the office but only the modem at the house was giving me this issue. At the shop, everything was fine earlier and then I get home and it doesn't work again. For some reason though, the xbox was able to play the movies for a while but stopped yesterday. Disabling SPD works, and really isn't that big of a deal if you have a router behind the gateway that's running a basic firewall. again, thanks for the tip!




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