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Can anyone tell me WHERE you can add your profile pic on Netlfix.  The help area said "got to your profile" but when I go there there is no place to upload a photo.  Also, how do I delete a profile?  I added an extra profile for myself while trying to figure out the avatar problem and now I want to delete.  However on that profile page, it only has "save" or "change" and there is not option for delete.  I love Netflix but they need to make it easier to do such things and they also need to add an option to contact them other than calling.

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Go to "friends" at bottom of page then "profile." Click on "change your picture" in the Profile Picture area.

There is no way to delete a profile.
Many of us are trying to change our profile avatar/picture. We are all getting error message when trying to upload a file. Customer support of Netflix is not helping. Endre
Customer support of Netflix is not helping

What is it they are not doing that you think they should be doing?
I'm reading blogs and forums about changing Avatars on Netflix profiles. Some go back to 2007. So for about three years now people having this problem for over three (3) years. Myself and many others, as I read the blogs, have asking Netflix customer support to fix the Profile Avatar/picture file upload process. I added some URLs below where people are telling/asking about this.

We are all getting the same error, " upload failed". Why, nobody knows. Netflix customer service either says
1) It should have worked, make sure the picture is not bigger than 150x150 pixels (Yes it is)
2) Technical people know about it and working on it. (This was an answer in 2007)

So, to answer your question of "What is it they are not doing that you think they should be doing?", well, fix the upload, so people can upload their own avatar or picture. The one we are assigned randomly by Netflix for years are very bad and sometimes offensive. I have a female male couple as an avatar?!?!? Why?

Take Care
Well I just tried changing mine and had no problem. It appears they are "trying" to fix whatever problem as #1 above doesn't apply (or have you not called recently?) because it says "Images larger than 150x150 will be resized". There is also the possibility that you are trying to upload an unsupported file format (bmp, tga, etc) or the file is too large (as in megabytes not dimensions).

However, seeing as Netflix is phasing out "friends" and that is the only place you will see your profile image anyway... Sort of makes it a non issue.

The one we are assigned randomly by Netflix for years are very bad and sometimes offensive. I have a female male couple as an avatar?!?!? Why?

Because they are generic and "Random"... Offensive?!? Seriously?!?
Sock Poppet, I'm not active on Friends at Netflix, but write reviews where my "avatar" shows up. I would like to have something other than a purple couple next to my review.
I didn't mean that my avatar was offensive. I was just referring to other blog entries from the past.
I tried every possible picture file extensions there is,
I tried with very small files (4k) to large files (1M),
with small and big resolutions 75dpi and 300dpi,
I even resized files to 50x50 pixels.. nada. all giving me error like to the other users.

Could this issue be profile specific? I uploaded a innocent picture of a car here. It is 2.4Kb, 100x45. It errors out for me. Do you want to try to upload it? If it works for you, than it is a problem with my profile, if it errors out for you, than it is the file.
Thank you, Endre
Is that the image you are trying to use at Netflix?

Lets see if it takes... It uploaded OK... It may have something to do with your internet settings, especially if you have some 3rd party protection running (like Nortons).

If you got an error here trying to upload that image into a post, then it must be some strange security setting, or perhaps you have a corrupted java installation.
Thank you. Than must be an issue with either my profile setting, or my connection.
No, this was not the pic I wish to upload, I've just created it for this test.
At least I know someone can upload and it has nothing to do with the file.
I continue my "investigation"... :-)
thnx again,
So how come I don't see a purple couple but a picture of a guy next to your posting?
I think you mean my face on this posting. Yes, I can change avatar/picture here. I'm having problem on, where I have a purple couple as an avatar/picture... see attached file to this post --->
Hey epe, if for any reason you are trying to post a bitmap file at Netflix, the site will not accept it. They really should have some basic guidelines like file size and file type, but they are phasing all that stuff out (yes even profiles for writing reviews).

Bitmaps are too large a file... Most all sites (with few rare exceptions) will not allow bitmaps for that reason.

That teeny pic was 317 kb as a bmp, and 12.7 kb as a jpg ;-)
I had the same trouble for the longest time until I finally got it to work. But I had to make absolutely sure the pic was below 150x150 and a jpg. Second disable your firewall completely (disable windows firewall also!). Third open the internet options in your control panel and go to both the security and privacy tabs and either turn off everything or set it at it's lowest setting possible. Forth do the same thing for your browser set all cookies allowed, turn off pop up blockers etc... Jeesh all this work for a feak'n avatar, but it should work now. Obviously don't do any of these important security changes until your about to load the "upload avatar page" and don't have any other tabs or windows open so you won't have trouble with being attacked by something while your security is down. Last but not least be sure to put back all of your security settings back to how they were or at least hit the default button to put them back to how they were. But do this after the avatar has successfully uploaded and been saved.
Hope this works for you cause it was the only way I got it to work for me




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