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I use Netflix streaming through a wireless access point and a Charter cable modem. No problems. I am thinking of moving to ATT UVerse and their broadband service. I would like to hear from Att Uverser broadband customers about how happy they are (and what speed they have) with Netlfix streaming on ATTUverse broadband. I am thinking of their 3 Mb or 6 Mb service levels. I have 5 Mb Charter, but in testing it is often well above that.

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Speed: 6.0 Mbps Elite

Portal/Email Provider: AT&T Yahoo

I have been rather pleased overall with it all the way around so far, had it since Sept. IW has been fine on it but the Xbox is wired ethernet haven't tried wireless streaming yet.
I run three Insignia Netflix-enabled Blu-Ray players with Netflix streaming (one at a time) all with wifi and there is never a problem using Charter. I was concerned about whether the 3 Mb/s Uverse service would be adequate. They recommend 6 Mb/s and that is what you are having good luck with.

Thanks for your input!

- nopcbs
Go for the 6 mbps. The NF players only use 60% of the available bandwidth, so that knocks it down to 1.8, even if you receiving the full amount. You couldn't get HD and are dangerously close to losing four bars. If the bandwidth then drops, you may end up looking at two bars of blur.
I'm sure you are right. Worth the extra $60 a year, I suppose.

Thanks for advice.

- nopcbs


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