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What are, in your opinion, the best nude scenes from all of the movies you've ever seen, and why? Is the movie worth watching just for that one scene?




Just trying to liven things up a little around here...

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One of the best nude scenes that I can think of at the moment is the naked swordfight in the snow scene from Sex & Fury.



  • Reiko Ike is hot
  • Naked running and jumping in the snow!
  • Slow-motion


Totally worth watching just for that scene, and it's probably not even the best nude scene in the movie, just the most memorable. I'm pretty sure there's a pretty cool lesbian scene with Christina Lindberg somewhere in there, too..

Helen Mirren in and Jenny Agutter in Why? Because the nude scenes belong there, they are part of the story. There is nothing gratuitous about them.
Add to the two I previously linked and for the same reason, the scenes belong there. Like the two previously linked this is also a very good movie in its own right.


when Pat's sex is revealed to the Ween concert audience in "It's Pat"


sexier non-Criterion Collection cover

Equus (1977) Probably doesn't have more than two minutes of nudity and more than half of that is full frontal male but the nudity is vital to the plot.




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