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I get both streaming and mailed DVDs. But I want to get Netflix for my elderly mother--who does not have wifi and could not work it well if she did. I just want the 3 DVD via mail option--like I had originally. But on the Netflix website I can't seem to find this withoutpaying forthe streaming first--then the mailed DVDs can be added as an add-on. Is that right? Any other services provide mailed DVDs only? Thanks!

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Yes, you can get just the DVD-by-mail portion without the streaming option.

Give customer service a call if you can't find this online. 

Step 1 - Click Your Account & Help at the top right corner of the page

Step 2 - Underneath Member Since: it will have your current plan, select change plan.

Step 3 - Scroll down until you see Unlimited DVDs (no streaming.)

Step 4 - Click Show additional all DVD's plan.

Step 5 - Select 3 DVD's out at a time.

Step 6- At the bottom of the screen click continue

Thanks. But I don't want to change my service, I want to subscribe my mom for the dvd only service. And when I go to the sign up page on the website, I only am offered the streaming service, with the DVDs as an add on. Is this wrong--is there a way to sign up for a new account with dvds only?

Have you tried just creating a profile on your account for her?

Can you get things mailed to a different address than the main account with a profile?  I thought you couldn't do that.  (Assuming the OP doesn't live with his mom.)

I think it depends on what the OP wants for themselves (Which isn't really specified).If they want streaming only for themselves, can't they just allocate all the dvd queue slots to the mother (the profile)?Since they could then change the address to where the mother lives.


If they want dvds and streaming for themselves, on top of the dvds for the mom, I'm not sure if profiles would work.In which case a call to CSR would be needed.As I'm not sure what kind of red flags would appear due to creating a new account with the same CC etc.

Probably because NF wants to get away from DVDs and offer only streaming.  So, maybe this is a way to that goal.  I'd suggest you call them and ask a customer service rep to sign you up since the web site doesn't offer the plan you want.  They are open 24 hours a day 1-888-811-1933.




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