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Hi all,

I'll be traveling home for the holidays, and I'd like to continue receiving my Netflix DVDs while home.

Is it possible (w/out violating Netflix rules) to change my shipping address temporarily? Has anyone tried this before? Will the change take effect immediately, or should I make the change a few days in advance to account for processing time?

I appreciate any information or help on the matter. Thanks!

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Yes its possible... I'd suggest that when you mail your last movie back prior to leaving, that you change the address then, it will go into effect for the next shipment after that one is received.

Course it depends on how long you will be gone, (if its only a few days perhaps put your account on hold instead), just do the same from home before heading back to your primary address, when you put the last movie in the mail before leaving home again, change your address back.

Its fine and will not break any rules.
Cool, thanks a lot!!
I've done it a number of times. It will take effect immediately.
I do this every time I go to my parent's home 2000 miles away. I just change it back right before I leave to have movies waiting at my apartment when I return.
Yup. I've done it too.

In fact I've needed to do it often enough that I began to wish Netflix kept a list of alternate addresses so I could just check a box to change it.

But let me tell you, it's sure disappointing if you FORGET to change it back in time!


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