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I canceled my membership today not knowing my account had already been charged for another month of service. So I started my membership again thinking I wouldn't billed again since I was already charged. But to my disgust, My account has been charged yet again. So basically i'm being charged almost $40 for one month of service. Is there anything I can do to fix this?? Thanks in advance!!

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I would call 1-866-716-0414 if I were you. That is the Netflix customer service number. They're there 24 hours a day.

I just checked (less than ten minutes since you posted this thread), and the current hold time to talk to a customer service rep is about one minute.
Would customer service be any good? I heard that they're no help at all :-/
They're always very helpful. If you could let us know if they helped you, we'd appreciate knowing that. Thanks in advance.
I'm the Support Services manager at the Netflix call center. Please call us at the number Beeswax listed. We'll get it sorted out for you.
I'll get right on it.
Thanks @ Remote Control. I've been kind of busy the past week but i'll call sometime this weekend for sure. :)
This has been resolved. The person I spoke to was real helpful and credited my money back :D Thanks for the help everyone!
I'm not a NF subscriber yet...
I've been shopping before I buy. I'm just wildly irresponsible that way.

I didn't come here thinking I'd find zero complaints but to see what sort of complaints might be posted. It makes a difference. Totally legit companies still have to deal with people fussing over some pretty silly stuff. What I was looking for, tales of bookkeeping nightmares, and Blockbuster type "missing" returns, I didn't find.

What I was NOT expecting to find was an independent social network, with members of Netflix actively participating, being responsive, and being obviously immersed in what can't be their job so much as an extension of a passion they just happen to be also employed in. People actually taking joy in their work. That has to be a communist plot of some kind.

I was not terribly stunned when I learned that NF doesn't deal with customer service via email. I've grown accustomed to large companies insulating themselves so completely that customer service becomes a grail-quest.
So... Netflix actually requires that a person pick up the phone and talk to a live human being, capable of making actual decisions and resolving problems? That just isn't... natural. What sort of operation are you guys running? You couldn't afford to staff the phones with dead human beings?

Well, so long as I at least have the option to wade through a maze of keyswitch menus or have my issue handled ineffectively by someone I can barely understand, and finally end up talking to a recording, maybe I could get used to that, but this instant access to actual resolution is a dangerous idea. I mean, this case barely went a day before someone stepped up and personally took responsibility for addressing the issue. No opportunity for festering resentment to take root...

Not sure what I'd do if I actually had to talk to someone about a problem and they just fixed it... pretty sure that was one of the signs of the apocalypse. What is this world coming to when people have to actually put up with functional customer service?!! Next thing I'll be expecting frogs raining from the sky and all that. Y'all are tampering with forces of nature here just because you feel like treating people like human beings rather than depersonalizing them until they cry openly.

and well... if that's the way y'all are going to be about it... Sheesh.
I'm just going to have to talk this over with SHMBO and well I'm just going to have to talk her out of leaving Blockbuster where I can always count on getting stuck in a nice protracted committee process for anything I really need resolved and they at least have Vogon poetry on hold while I'm waiting to be ignored. Y'all are just messed up.
That would be SWMBO.

And few people who post here actually work for NF.
That's what I get for typing with a low coffee level.

Sure there are only a few.
I wasn't expecting any...
Including you, EH and RC I guess that's three I've counted so far.

The thing is. If I see someone actively participating in a company, outside the duties of the company, it says something to me about the company. It says to me that the company is more than a job to those people. Like maybe they actually like their job. Maybe even think that the purpose of the company is cool.

Like I said... pretty messed up. You'll be giving people the idea that they can enjoy their job and we all know that a job is only worth doing if it involves whips, chains, and a pillory.
I can't tell you how much I'd love to run with the concept that I work for NF, but there's a difference between dick-like humor and just plain being a dick.
I can go with that.




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