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Chrome + Netflix + Silverlight - netflix being blacklisted on chrome!

Please call Netflix. Find the phone number here: (get service code) Or Call 1-866-716-0414. Ask the representative to make a note that you'd like to have Netflix work on Chrome.

The representative said it was Silverlight's problem.

Microsoft is blacklisting chrome + silverlight + netflix, becuase you try silverlight demos out and they work fine. You can see the plugin work here

Try it out

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Um no they are not... Silverlight works fine in Chrome for me...

You might want to update your installation if its not working for you.

The only thing that doesn't work is the little bit of code embedded in pages that would normally tell you to install it. Chrome uses the same files that FireFox uses...

And I do not have to do anything to Chrome (no setting changes or spoofing) it just works...

Microsoft is blacklisting chrome + silverlight + netflix

Not very likely... Reed sits on the Microsoft Board of Investors, so I highly doubt he would approve of blacklisting his own business (insert eyeroll)...
Maybe its the Chrome for Mac version, which I am using then.
Ooooo My bad... You might want to mention that in the original post ;-) I checked out your blog too and folks had posted asking about a Mac fix for the shortcut... So there wasn't anything that suggested it was for Mac's...

Heck that might even be Google's Fault, considering that Google is working on their own Operating system, Windows has a large market share, so logically Google would likely go after Mac & Linux customers first...
Brandon, you should set up a petition for us all to sign. Oh, and you also might want to e-mail the VP of Product Management, Todd Yellin at Perhaps he can help with this important issue.
Good idea. I'd sign it.
Be sure to e-mail Todd too. He can help.
Thanks for the email. I did do that. I think its only happening to Chrome for Mac.
I did a check to see. Silverlight 4 now has a beta RC. This is the newest SL and greatly improves over the past versions.

There is both a windows and mac runtime, I've been testing the windows version for the last few months and have been rather impressed. There is still the "odd" (though rare) error (its either a network 8xxx error, or a complete freeze) the first one simply refresh the page, the second one requires a reboot. But they have only been occurring once in maybe 50 titles.

Don't know if you're interested in trying the mac runtime, but I am confident at this point to say that the windows version is working very well. If anyone does try it I (just my opinion) suggest uninstalling the previous version first, just to get a clean install.


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