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Netflix provides release dates, as well as "Coming soon" messages for titles that will be streaming within the next few months (where they're posted).

If you find any interesting titles that are worth noting (and are upcoming releases to Netflix's streaming service), please share them in this thread, for the benefit of everyone here.

I'm now going to focus on mentioning such titles on my dedicated Twitter account only (or just find the RSS feed on that Twitter page if you want), and not as frequently as we did on our old site.


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I would like toat when we order streaming we cant get the same movies thats on dvd? I figure that if we are paying the same price for the dvd shipping why can we get the same movies in the streaming list.

I would like toat when we order streaming


Did you mean toast?  I like toast, too.

No, I think dj meant 'stoat.'


I like toast too, but I really like cake better. Toast can be a bit dry unless topped with just the right spread. Now, cake on the other hand is the perfect amount of spongy substance and wet gooey accompaniment..
I would like toast when we order steaming rice

Yeah, Netflix....MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Wait ... toast is a euphamism for sex, right?
Just the opposite; sex is a euphemism for toast.  The next time you're at IHOP, ask your waiter for some hot sex with extra butter.
Toast & marmite

I would love to see a continuation of swamp people and would also love to see Duck Dynasty come on Netflix

I would LOVE to see the Drop dead Diva season get updated to this final one. From what I've heard, its not going to be on TV anymore :( but Netflix is missing this newest season four I believe it is.

Also, the same goes for Once Upon a Time. When this season ends, can you please post this season TWO?

And I would LOVE to see you put two TV series I loved but can't find anywhere except DVD

1. Superman:  the adventures of Lois and Clark starring Dean Cain/Teri Hatcher

2. Chuck  Starring Zach Levi 





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