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Will Season 10 ever come out on instant watch? Season 9 was quickly available. Still waiting on season 10.

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well I figured it's a Network thing. It's a Networks loss too because I won't watch it on CBS. Only streamed. Cable and network tv is outdated as it is. Netflix is the only place I watch television shows. Thanks to Netflix I OWN 8 seasons of CSI and aiming for number 9.
You know there is now Miami and New York CSI 2
i believe season 10 is still playing on tv right now.
I would love to hear from Netflix on this but can't figure out how to ask directly. CSI and NCIS came out almost immediately last year and that was great! anyone else know anything?
Jamie, you could call Netflix customer service but they probably won't know what is coming up on Instant Watch. The call is free and they are open 24 hours and have nice reps. 1-866-716-0414
Well to Craig, when season 9 was on, Netflix was streaming a week behind.
I did find them somewhere online. Itunes has it, but of course I have to pay for it. Looks like $28 gets me a season pass of HD CSI Season 10. Although SD is $1 cheaper per episode. may go for the season pass however when I get paid. Trying to watch it at is slow, choppy and filled with ads. And the ads like hulu mess up the computer. Maybe this is a Paramount revenge thing at Netflix :( because there's this EpixHD site that Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate have teamed up to stream movies like Netflix does. But they can't compete with Netflix, although there is less choppyness. And it runs like a dvd with extra's. Something Netflix probably should wake up to. I simply bumped into it and they sent an invite code. All this looking for CSI streaming. Never would have found any of this out if Netflix had simply left it alone :( Still rent though. Although I'm not paying extra by that much for blu ray's. They are cheap enough used.
The key phrase in your reply Lee is ...that Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate have teamed up to stream movies like Netflix does. Those are the studios/distributors, and they decide what content to license to Netflix to stream. So if they don't want to allow the extra's... Its an advantage to them. They also have access to the unadulterated copies of the movies ;-)
Yes I do get that. I'm simply or not simply... airing this out for a breeze to say the competition out there against our Netflix. I doubt Redbox can do it (and I hear Blockbuster is too) Those two miss one key point. I'd rather go to the store than a machine. But I'd rather pick them out and have them come to the door. First time I'd heard about Redbox, figured it was like Netflix. Nope had to go to a box. Met the guy who designed it. Albeit it was cool for awhile but it wore off
i assumed that the netflix instant watch would have been available when the dvds were released.
i didnt realize it was much sooner.
With the tv shows, well not sure about this season, but with CSI , (and Heroes actually) they were available before the dvd's were out. I just saw the website above and kinda figured out that Paramount might want to be streaming CSI to this new site. Which I'd take over CBS anyday but they don't have CSI yet. Only movies. Some fairly new. I still think right now blu rays are the thing, but if one is traveling sites like Netflix and this EpixHD help cut down on any dvd's ones taking. My brother somehow has free access to CSI on his cell phone. I just can't imagine watching the crew on a tiny little screen.




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