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does anyone know when season 5 starts?such a great freakin show!!i

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I was going to say to check in the Dexter group, but I'm not sure how active it is. Here's the link just in case :
December 27, 2010, is the premiere of Season 5.
thank you very much Hannabelle Lector
Sorry, brain fart. I meant September 27, 2010.
anybody know when season 4 is going to be out on dvd? i haven't seen it yet and i am dying too
you can watch it for free on here:) is season 4 right there
Season 4 should be out shortly before Season 5 starts. I'd start to look for it toward the end of August.
So each ep of Season 4 was available on netflix the day after it aired on showtime and was available to stream (much like Spartacus). They did this with Californication as well. Is there any word on Netflix doing the same thing for Season 5??
Sorry to throw cold water on this thread, because it is the Downfall of EVERY great show-They turn into Soap Operas. Perhaps it is a change to the writer staff, or trying to expand the demographics or Lazy Writing Syndrome from burnout, but Dexter has suffered from the same malady. EVERY minor character has a love interest.




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