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We recently moved to the streaming only plan from streaming and DVD.  We have been watching Wire in The Blood (streaming) and are currently in the middle of the 5th season.


The other night we sat down to watch the next episode and it had disappeared from our recently watched selections.  A search produced nothing.  I visited the website only to learn that the show is now available ONLY IN DVD!!!


Would this be a clever bait and switch marketing ploy to get folks interested in a TV series then pull it from streaming so they have to buy the DVD plan as well? 


Deciding now whether to get rid of Netflix altogether and move to another service. Distressing because we purchased an AppleTV unit specifically for Netflix - we have no other use for Xbox or PS - so to move to another service will necessitate another equipment purchase.


This is unfortunate because I was completely happy with Netflix streaming (except on Sat nites when there seemed to be bandwidth issues).


I have gone from a happy customer to a soon-to-be former customer in the space of a weekend.


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Did you notice an expiration date when viewing the title in your streaming q?

Elf, titles are always coming and going according to licensing agreements. It would be nice if there didn't have to be streaming contracts involved between Nertflix and the studios, But, there are.

Here's a good place to keep up with what is expiring soon:

I am with you.


Nothing should ever be removed from the streaming catalog once there...unless they put an actual date on each item such as "You may watch this until...2012".


It would also be nice if they give us substantial warning like a 2-week or even better a 30-day notice.  It is frustrating to begin a TV series of, let's say, 20 episodes, and then in a few days be notified of its expiration.  You will have to do a 24/7 marathon to get all the episodes in and we must not forget the other things we need to do each day. I do not visit my queue daily and it is frustrating to see the posting of an expiration in just a few days.  In one instance (I don't know what happen unless it was the weekend) I was given a 1-day notice and I did checked my queue the day before and NOTHING was posted.
I had the same experience today with Wire In The Blood. I was loving it. Had no idea it would disappear. I've never noticed any kind of expiration date. I'm extremely disappointed.

I've never noticed any kind of expiration date. I'm extremely disappointed.

In the queue:


And at

Thanks for the link.
I only use Netflix on the wii or iPad. My queue does not have this information that I see. But, I appreciate the link to instant watcher.
You don't have access to the Netflix website on the Wii or the iPad?




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