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I would perfer getting DVDs in the mail than have instant streaming. I have the option of one DVD at a time and no streaming. I've looked on websites and they have lists of DVD options and DVD only options, but when I search for those titles they don't come up. Also, the browse DVD page apparently does not exist. Any hints? 

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Did you just sign up with Netflix?  It sounds like you currently have an account that is streaming only.  If you have a streaming only account, you won't be able to see movies that are only available on DVD, nor will you be able to search or browse for them.  You must select a DVD option for your account before you can view anything related to DVDs.

Go to the NEtflix website.  In the upper right-hand corner, click on "Your Account."

Under MANAGE ACCOUNT, click on "Change plan."

Under "Unlimited DVDs (no streaming)" click on "Show Additional all DVD Plans."

Select whichever one you prefer.

Then, at the very bottom of the page select "Continue" and follow the instructions.

Once you have changed your plan to DVD only, you should be able to see all available DVD titles as well as browse and search for them.

If you need additional help, call Netflix customer service at 1-866-579-7115.  Available 24 hrs/day.

>courtney_1996 It may be something you have changed in your settings with your browser or maybe a "script blocker"is stopping you from getting what you want. You should be able to click "My Queue" to see what you have in it or click "DVDs" to find movies. Also you can always do a "Search". All this must be done on You can also go into your account and check your preferences.

When I was getting 3 DVD's unlimited Netflix ALWAYS gave me what was on top of my queue. Sinse I changed to 2 DVD's two months ago, I NEVER get my top choice. Just saying. No response necessary. I found out a long time ago, this forum has no answers. Just speculation.

I have had Netflix for several years & for the most have been pleased, but it does seem after they started charging separately for Instant & DVD that the DVD selection has dwindled. My wife & I both like the British Detective/ Mystery series, but now out of 48 in my DVD Queue more than half have "Long Wait" or "Unknown".

We start a series & after watching several episodes the next in the series is a "Long Wait". I had read that Netflix would like to force more people to the instant, but most of what we watch is not available on Instant.

They use to send extra DVD if there was a wait for the 1st on your list, but no more.

Just my thoughts...... 

They use to send extra DVD if there was a wait for the 1st on your list, but no more.


When did Netflix ever do that?  I remember that they used to send an extra DVD if a movie had to be sent from a more distant distro center to account for the longer shipping time. Not sure if that is still done or not.

I am on a four disk plan. I order old movies almost exclusively. From about 2006-2009 I almost always had an  extra disk i.e. five disks on a four disk plan. for whatever reason, I did not complain. I assumed they were just nice guys like they said they were. Then labor day weekend, 2010, the extra disks stopped.

(Monday I got a broken disk, quite rare for me, and I have not yet gotten a replacement posted to my activities file. So now I am three disks on a four disk plan.  In 2008 they would have sent me an extra disk and an email boasting about how good they were.)





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