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I just started using the netflix instant watch service on TIVO and I am trying to work out why episodes are missing from the TV shows on Instant Watch.

For example
Quantum Leap: Season 1, missing: Genesis (Part 1),Genesis (Part 2), Star-Crossed
Quantum Leap: Season 2, missing: Disco Inferno, Good Night, Dear Heart, Pool Hall Blues
Quantum Leap: Season 3, missing: Leap of Faith, One Strobe Over the Line, Rebel Without a Clue, A Little Miracle, Private Dancer,Heart of a Champion,Nuclear Family
Dead Like Me: Season 1, missing: Vacation, Rest in Peace
Dead Like Me: Season 2, missing: Send in the Clown, Ghost Story, The Shallow End, Hurry, Always
Little Britain: Series 1, missing: How to Make a Little Britain,What Does Britain Mean to You

For those episodes I get the message

"Some episodes of this series are available only on disc.
Click the add button next to an episode to add its disc to your Queue"

Anyone know why, my first guess was that the episodes were airing somewhere, but I can't find any tv listings for dead to me.

Any ideas?

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Do a search and you'll find several discussions that cover this. Studios control which episodes and movies are available for streaming and for how long they are available.
I have seen the articles talking about the studios controlling when movies are available for streaming, but I have not seen anything that specifically talks about TV episodes, could you kindly provide links that talk about tv epsiodes?

As I said in my original post, that would make sense for shows like "little britain" which is showing on BBCA to be restricted, but doesn't make sense for dead like me which I couldn't find being shown currently.
hmmm ... You might want to call Netflix and ask about that one ... But I know what you mean , I've taken a couple series out of my instant queue that have random missing episodes only available on disc.
I had a weird one recently, where the main page for the series said that one disc was not available for IW, but then in my dvd disc queue it showed up with a "play" icon for IW next to it. I think I looked for it in the IW queue and I think it wasn't there.

Try adding the disc and then looking at your dvd queue to see if this is more than just one random glitch on just one random series?
It's not a glitch, Bees. NF notes that some episodes are missing.

I've seen this on TV shows on Instant Watch, too. Probably some licensing issue. has the same thing where it will have episodes missing on some TV shows.
I'm saying the glitch is they SAID it was NOT available, but in my queue it WAS available.

I tried to be clear in my description.
OK I see what you mean. But on Quantum Leap the first disk is missing. I went to the episode list and added disc 1 to my DVD q then looked at it and it had the Play button out beside it. But the Watch Instant still started with the 4th eipsode.

But, Bees, that's good to know. A way to check on missing episodes.
Sometimes it is something like an epsiode where a guest star appeared that the studio couldn't offer the Instant Watch rights for

Missing episodes on Instant Watch


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