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I have Sony Bravia XBR  with LAN port 10/100 wired connected to Comcast with speedtest 11 Mb/sec down.  Movies I watch on Netflix instand queue pause constanly (buffering). Sometimes I can watch a movie with 1 or 2 pauses or none at all, but usually it pauses every minute or two and is paused for 1 minute making watching movies pointless.  A few months ago I bumped up my comcast cable to turbo speed, but it has not helped netflix. I can watch other internet streaming across this connection with no pauses at all.  It is netflix I think.  Does anyone have this problem, any help? 





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Thanks for the link, but this is not of much help. i am sitting here trying to watch a netflix movie and it is pausing every damn 30 seconds with a loading please wait. This usually happens in prime time so is everyone hitting the netflix servers? During the day up until 5 PM, doesn't pause one time. Watching instant movies is a joke.
Doesn't pause once for me, I just finished 6 hours of sliders... No Problems at all...

You might try calling Netflix and asking them. We are a "Movie Lovers" Community... We are not Netflix nor their customer service...
Yes, I know just ranting and find it odd that I can't find anyone else that has comcast and this specific problem online here. I guess netflix does not follow the forum or has an email/message techncial support. Thanks for the suggestion to call them, I will do that.

Best Regards.
ISP throttling?
This is a possibility. I will check again with comcast after I contact netflix. I bumped my speed at comcast so I could stream movies across internet, but now it seems this condition is now worse. I don't get how I have 11 Mbps down on speed test, yet have these load pauses on stream movies. ISP throttling is a possibility. Thanks for the help!
Dave - I too have a Sony Bravia XBR(9) and did not have any streaming problems until the past 4 or 5 months. I am using a Netgear router and my wireless HP computer streams perfectly. I also am using a Sony Blu Ray. I am having pauses every few seconds and the video quality is lousy on both the TV and the BlueRay. If I am not mistaken (which I could be) I believe we have to go through a Sony server and that could be where the problem is. When I first got my TV the movies were high quality and the streaming never stopped. I wonder if anyone knows whether it is due to so many people watching instant movies now on their internet ready TV's?

The bottom line is that Brighthouse Networks blames Netflix or the router, Sony blames the Brighthouse and Netflix. I would like to watch Netflix again on my TV!

If I can watch Netflix instantly on my computer perfectly WIRELESSLY, but I can't watch wired on my Sony XBR or Sony BluRay, than my guess is that is has something to do with the TV and Sony. In fact, one of the Sony technicians mentioned it might have to do with their server problems. They said our TV's must first go through the Sony server. Who knows?

I would love to have a resolution to this issue.
Hi Mary,

It is interesting that you think it is the Sony Server. I believe you are correct! About a month ago I decided to try Netflix for the Wii. My Wii is wireless, connects to TV via cables. My Sony is also connected Wired LAN to same Router to Comcast. Guess what? The Wii almost never pauses and that is wireless, the Sony direct pauses frequently. This tells me it is not Comcast, not the LAN, it s the the Netflix Sony Server!!! I hope this helps, I don't know if it will help. I would really like to resolve the direct connect as the picture usually streams sharper.
Hi Dave! I am glad that we believe we have isolated the issue! Case in point: I fell asleep after dinner last night and woke up in the wee hours of the morning and decided to try my Netflix on the TV at 2 A.M. and it worked perfectly! It started and stopped for a few seconds, but after that there were no interruptions. So it stands to reason that Sony did not expect to encounter the vast number of Netflix instant movie watchers on their server. The other thing I thought about is the fact that my Sony TV technician told me that Sony released all of their internet ready devices a few years ahead of schedule (probably due to competition) so they probably did not plan for their high internet server traffic during peak hours. Even so, the picture quality on my computer is excellent, but the Sony picture quality is lousy and blocky and blurry.

One more bit of information, so we do not feel alone, I checked out the Sony Insider news (link is below) and found that other XBR users are also frustrated for the same reason. My TV is still under warranty so I am going to give them a call later on today so that my calls will be documented. I will let you know what I find out. How old is your TV?
Dave and Mary, I agree with you both that the problem is with Sony. I am so frustrated with them not confessing up to their problem! I was a Sony fan but not so sure today.

Here's my story:

I have multiple netflix streaming devices at home and I've noticed - only recently - that netflix streaming on both of my Sony blu-ray players would pause during a movie; at times pausing every few seconds making a movie unwatchable. I have no issues streaming with a cheapo Insignia blu-ray, PCs, or apple devices. Only with these Sony devices!!!

I've talked to Sony tech-support and they just don't get it! All their techs wanted to do was troubleshoot my internet connection. I have another appointment with their higher level tech tonight. I am not going to let this problem go and I hope you would continue to push for a resolution as well. I'll keep you posted if I make progress.
Ken and Dave,

The progression of my issue is very, very interesting, so read on. I hope some of this may give you avenues to pursue.

I spent a very long time talking to the technical support people at Sony, only to get very frustrated at their attitude that it is not Sony's problem concerning the frequent starts and stops of Netflix instant watching on my Sony XBR9 (as well as my Sony BluRay player). Nothing resolved. I did download a new software version for the Bravia on a flash drive and loaded into the TV. They did not have the version available on the TV to update. Dave, you might wish to try that because Sony said it was supposed to fix some instant streaming problems with Netflix. Check the Sony website for the download.

Finally, I called Brighthouse Networks (my ISP) and after 5 or 6 techs that came to the house replacing all connections and telling me that this was the best you’re going to get. Finally, a knowledgeable senior technician came out and found a cut cable coming out of the cable box outside and one that was so corroded it wasn't making a connection. My TV picture was instantly better, up to the Sony standard.

I cannot remember if this fixed the Netflix frequent starts and stops, but at least the picture was better. Gradually, after weeks, the frequent starts and stops got so bad, I was unable to watch Netflix on TV. I called Brighhouse Networks and finally one of the technicians told me that he had an email and it appears that Netflix admitted it was their problem, not Brighthouse and the Netflix engineers were attempting to resolve the problem. It turned out that Netflix said it was Florida customers only experiencing streaming problems. (Hmmmm...). A few days later, my Netflix streaming improved so that I could watch instantly. Short-lived.

A few weeks later, the streaming was so bad, I could only watch a few seconds at a time. You all know how frustrating this is. The instant watching was the worst ever if you can believe that!

I stopped watching for a while and finally called Brighthouse, got the national help desk and requested the local St. Petersburg help desk. Lucky for me, I got a third level help technician. After hanging up, he made some kind of adjustments in my signal, mentioning something about routing it through Tampa. He called me back and said he believed he fixed the problem and there was something wrong with the signal and/or something else.

Of course I was skeptical, but whatever he did worked and instantly the quality of the Netflix movies was like watching the HD channels on TV. The picture was so crisp and clear and there were no more stops and starts on Netflix. The Netflix movie or program loaded within seconds and began playing with no stops at all. I watched many, many movies this past Wed, Thu and Fri with no problems at all.

To sum up, the problems could be with Netflix, your ISP, or with Sony. Be persistent and if you can get a good higher level technical support with your ISP who knows about streaming Netflix (the key) then you might be able to get some resolution.

I hope some of these experiences will help you troubleshoot the problems. My problems were multiple, so one solution may not resolve all of the issues.

I will let you all know if something causes a decline with my instant watching and please let me know how you all are doing with the progression of your issues.

St. Petersburg, FL


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