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So when did THIS start??  I get to the end of any streamed movie or TV show (I am watching on a PS3) and Netflix has to butt in and window the credits while showing links to next episodes for TV or other "films I might like" for movies. To be fair, you can click to the windowed credits and jump back to the film full screen but WHY should we have to do that...  this kind of on-screen garbage is the reason I stopped watching movies on cable.  SHOW THE WHOLE MOVIE AS IT WAS INTENDED TO BE SEEN. How hard is that???

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The supervisor said he hadn't heard anything like what I was telling him but he did say that whatever I was experience might be device specific.  Now I'm thinking that it might be a contract that PS3 has with netflix.

So far it seems to be only on the PS3. I tried my iPhone and Samsung TV and it is not happening there. I'm guessing it will roll out to other devices in time. Can't imagine why it would be a PS3 thing.

Can't imagine why it would be a PS3 thing

That's Sony for you

No it is not only a PS3 thing.  It has been this exact same way on the Xbox since they started calling everything "Apps" and you had to re download everything.  This was several months ago.  It happens every time for the last minute(?) of the title playing.  It is very helpful for episodics so you can just switch over to the next episode very quickly.  Very worthless if you are watching a film. It does not actually block anything, just reduces the size of the film you are watching to about 2/5 of the screen.  Not a major issue unless you have some sight impairment, or a small TV, then it is a major gripe.

Also, this is the way you have to rate a film on the Xbox, there are no other options to rate other than going to this in film menu, or the website through other means

It is a major issue for me and it is worthless, too, because who are they to say that:

1) I want to watch another episode right now or at all

2) that I want to watch them in order or, (most importantly)

3) that I don't want to watch the rest of this one before I switch to another one!

And you know they are just priming us to put ads there down the road.

1) I want to watch another episode right now or at all

Then you have the option to not start that next episode.  Previously (at least with the Xbox) you had to back out, choose the season you wanted, then the episode, and then wait for it to load.  Now it is a fraction of this.  But more importantly, no one is forcing you to watch that second episode at any time.

2) that I want to watch them in order or, (most importantly)

That is why when the menu pops up there is also another choice called "More Episodes" or something similar.  Just go right in and choose the episode you want, all while watching the credits for the show.

3) that I don't want to watch the rest of this one before I switch to another one!

It has never switched anything before I have told it to.  You are the one that decides when it switches over.  Some guy at Netflix isn't just pushing buttons telling you what to watch.

At fist I hated the layout to.  It pissed me off after the first several times it did it.  That said, I watch Instant watch movies on my Xbox, apple TV, Iphone, Ipad and computer.  the new Xbox interface is by far the best, even though I hated it at first.  The one downfall it has compared to the other four devices is that it takes forever to find something at the end of the queue (I have a full 500 most of the time).  And seriously, they could give you the Iphone app interface, minus the touch control and add in a controller, and you would have the worst possible interface possible.  I am constantly watching some sort of film for my job.  Seriously like almost every waking moment something is on that I am watching. 

No one is stopping you from watching the credits and seeing all the names of the stunt people and gaffers, or the assistants to people.  It pops up with a set time left and it is very predictable.  If the PS3 just got it recently you will get used to it.  Xbox has had it since at least Feb and I want to say even near Nov at the last software update. 

I honestly doubt, but could be wrong, they are setting it up for ads any further than they already do.  They do suggest 3 films down at the bottom that are "similar to this" that they are expecting/hoping to watch.  In effect this is really advertisement for those films.  If anything I would be more worried about commercials before the selection started that you could not skip.  Such as the selection you are about to watch is brought to you by Prego and Ford.  And then you have to sit through a spaghetti sauce commercial and two car commercials.  That is a more legitimate worry.

As it is now there is not really any room to add static ads where you suggest.  They would have to do a complete overhaul again to make it work.

It happened again last night.

I'm not against adding new features or changing the interface and I fully understand that not everyone wants to sit through the credits roll, however I believe that a POLITE user interface design should give me the option to opt out from that feature.

My main issue with it is that it happens way to abruptly.  One second I am watching a movie, and the next (or should I say the next 1/25th of a second), I am thrown out to a bright screen immediately after the last frame was shown.  Could we at least have a smoother transition and an easier way to get back to the movie, should we choose to do so ?

On the PS3, getting back to the movie is not that straightforward either: 1. get thrown out of the movie, 2. feel around in the dark for the remote, find and press the power button, 3. wait for the remote to wake up and reconnect, 4. figure out where the cursor is on the screen, 5. use the cursor to highlight the tiny movie window on the top left and press the X button, 6. rewind in case something was missed during those 20 seconds.

The first time I went through those steps, I did not realize that the default suggestion was highlighted, and I actually started playing that instead of going back to what I was watching.  Not nice.

You should probably post this to the PSnetwork forums?

That's a good suggestion. I'll do that, thanks!

This is a problem for me too. I like watching the credits, and a lot of films and shows have interesting things during and after the credits that I miss because of the stupid pop-up menu. Whichever apps are doing this should revert to only interrupting the movie at the very end or if I pause it.

I primarily watch Netflix on my PS3, and this nonsense with interrupting the credits is a complete deal breaker.  I pay them money so that I can enjoy the entire program; not just a designated portion of it. I enjoy watching the credits on movies as well as TV shows, and many times they still have things occurring on screen, which is like a slap in the face when it's snatched away. I cannot believe that Netflix does not have a setting to turn this off. If other people want to cut off the endings of their programs, let them, but I DON'T WANT THAT!! I've called Netflix about this and got the typical line of, "Oh, sorry about that, we can't do anything. I'll put you on our do-nothing-about-it list."

My PS3 is currently in the shop, so I'm canceling my service before it renews. But you can bet I'll be calling Netflix again before I restart it, to see if this insulting treatment of their customers has stopped.  I will not pay to be annoyed. I'll find a different service that treats their customers right.

They take away your credits and then slap you in the face. That IS insulting. And a felonious assault, I'm pretty sure. Overreact much?




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