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IS "Clearplay OnDemand" coming for Netflix streaming?

I have used ClearPlay DVD players for years to filter movies in compliance with the “Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005” which allows for editing of movies in the form of omitting/muting & skipping content.


In recent months I have switched to primarily using my XBOX 360 to stream movies using Netflix streaming.  I long for a filter service through netflix, but historically have only had clearplay on Netflix DVDs not streaming.


I recently came accross the terms "ClearPlay OnDemand" which appearantly according to Clearplay's international site offers services to subscribers to Cable TV, Satellite TV, IPTV and Streaming Video Service Providers.


I would love to see "ClearPlay OnDemand" or any filtering service be an option for Streaming Movies so I can use my XBOX with Netflix as my primary (or only) media center and still have the option to filter objectionable materials out.


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What does Netflix stream that is objectionable?
I like to watch good historical war movies with my kids, especially if they have a good moral value or historical significance. One example here would be the movie Glory or the Patriot. With clearplay I can limit the amount of violence and/or bloodshed (they are actually separate categories) and mute out offensive language and there is no loss in the message or action of the movie, but the message of bravery and sacrifice and the struggle against racism come through loud and clear, but the younger kids do not get nightmares or scared.

Other examples in general are editing out excissive profanity or nudity for a movie that would otherwise be much more enjoyable for the family. If want to then watch a good action flick myself, then I can turn the bloodshed filter off and watch braveheart, but still leave out the unnecessary nude scene since I am a married man. Basically, I get the choice of what types of filtering categories I want to omit.
I don't have kids, but I sympathize with what you want. You're being hypocritical, though, in trying to expose your children to the values you want them to have while at the same time insulating them from the cost of those values.
but still leave out the unnecessary nude scene since I am a married man

I'm a happily married man too but I actually seek out movies with nude scenes.
unnecessary nude scene

So if a movie that Netflix offered didn't have any violence, bloodshed, profanity, or nudity then would you be satisfied with watching it without any additional ClearPlay filters?
Since war doesn't limit violence and bloodshed I think it would be better to show kids what it's really like.

Like a video game:


Sometimes, yes. You're right, Aces, and that was my point. You can't teach that your values might cost blood without showing the blood.

I don't dispute the authenticity of either the gun-cam footage or the comm traffic of this event that took place in 2007. I wouldn't gloat over the corpses or accept praise for the slaughter, but I would've done the same thing the Apache weapons officer did.

It doesn't matter now what the context was. Those who want to see it out of context will. Those who won't, won't.
Whatever the context, I think anyone who has played video games will recognize the joy of a bunch of buddies congratulating someone on making a good kill. I know I have.
Right again. If you rejoice in the death of another human being and thirst for more, you are sick. If you take human life and it destroys your own, you should have had your world-view straight before you resorted to violence.
I don't think that would be possible without additional licensing considerations. When you use it in a DVD player, you have either bought or rented a physical copy, so you can (in effect) alter the contents to a certain degree.

However I do not think that Netflix could develop a player that allowed a 3rd party application to alter the content as its being streamed... It would require more then a few seconds in buffer for the filtering to work, and I do not think it would stream smoothly...
Why does one mention of Clearplay in a blog or forum stir up so much emotion and concern about the product. So many people are so quick to call Clearplay supporters hypocrites. Why all the hate? Can't we have a choice of what we would like to watch?

I like the fact that I can limit the extremes in a movie, whether words or deeds, and still enjoy the storyline.




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