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Is there a way to get subtitles on Netflix instant play movies?

I always watch movies with subtitles at home, it has become a habit over the years. Why doesn't Netflix include a subtitles feature? Or am I just missing it somewhere? This feature would be really great for people with hearing problems as well as those like me who just prefer them.

If you've ever downloaded a film that comes with a subtitle file, you'd know that it takes up a really small amount of space and I doubt it would have any (noticeable) effect on the bandwidth being used.

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There is no way to do that. But they have plans to offer it soon.
Welcome to Movie Fans, hang around and talk about movies. Lot's of people request this and Netflix has said they will bring this feature out by the end of 2010. So be looking for it. Instant Watch, up until now, has been included as a freebie with the regular DVD subscription so having all the bells and whistles wasn't important to Netflix. I think they have considered this time period a "test" to see how their customers liked the service and time to get the quality fine tuned.

I like to have the subtitles on when I watch movies also, so I understand the frustration. Especially when other streaming sites such as have them.

Edit - wow when I looked at this discussion Spin's answer wasn't showing - strange. Anyway - that's the article.
Hey, what gives? Nobody is going to point out that this isn't Netflix or ask the OP why he didn't do an easy search to see that this question has already been asked and answered several times before? Ya'll are gonna give us a bad rep as a kindler, gentler community. ;)
Awww you're gonna make me look nice SP...
Are you talking about English speaking movies? I'd love this for British and Scottish movies! I have a hard time figuring out what they are saying. As for American movies, that's what my hearing aid is for!
Just watched my first subtitled Instant Play movie yesterday, "Serenity".  Sure hope they do the rest, especially hard to understand British accent ones.
There are lists: is one.


The latter is a blog that has dates of availability and allows for feedback - I think.




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