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i joined netflix because i like to watch tv shows on dvd and the video stores dont really have a huge selection, i really enjoy g.i.joe and the second season come out in april and you can preorder it on amazon but it isnt avalible to save or anything on netflix is there any way to find out if they will get it or if i should just try to find it somewhere else?

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Well if it doesn't come out till April of 2010 Netflix still has almost 2 months left to add it. Unlike movies TV shows are not as in demand, so Netflix doesn't always add the titles right away. It use to be movies were added sometimes 2-3 months in advance (not including brand new movies), but that changed a little while ago.

TV shows might not get added till a week or two before their release date, sometimes maybe not even till a few days before they are released.

Of course your best bet is to search the Netflix site, which is what I did...

G.I. Joe: Season 2: Part 1, if its available for rental in April, it will become available in April. Netflix wont put a release date in when its almost 2 months away.
i see thank you, the gi joe season 2 that they have on there is a different one than the one coming out in april and stuff so i wasnt sure, thanks
Ahh I see... I went to amazon and checked. It looks like Season 2 used to exist but then went out of print, and is being re-released on April 27, 2010.

The difference is just in the cover art... Netflix must have had it at one time, but then all the discs went broken or missing, so it went to "Save". I've never not Netflix not replace a series when they become available again.
i see..thank you for the help
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