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Has anyone noticed lip sync issues? We are new members and watched our first streaming movie (Fugitive/Harrison Ford) and noticed the lip sync is off...not a lot...but it is off.

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You are not the first ones to report this issue, it seems to be related to PC's (Macs?) and Silverlight (I've only noticed 1 report on audio sync problems with Roku). Other users have reported delays of several seconds, so "not a lot" is not bad, although it doesn't take much to ruin a movie once you've noticed it.

I have no idea what to do about, other than experimenting with the settings on Silverlight. I'm assuming you're using Silverlight and a PC, since you're new members. Press Alt+Ctrl+Shft+M to get the menu, and Alt+Ctrl+Shft+D for display options, there are some other Alt+Ctrl+Shft+ combos as well, explore and see what that gives you.

Do you run Vista, by any chance? I've been told that Vista is drenched in "content management systems" and makes even fast machines slow when it comes to "rich content".
Thanks for responding. We have noticed it on only 1 movie so far. We noticed the "problem" on our Samsung blu-ray player while streaming the movie over our home network. For now, we'll just keep an eye on it.

Thanks again for responding.
There is a Report Problem function on the Netflix site (beside the title in your instant queue) for each title which is more useful to complete then discussing it here. Out of sync audio is one of the options.
Having real bad issues with this on starzplay can't get anyhelp from tech support had to reinstall windows then it was better for a little while.Still no reply from tech though just say there having problems watching it at the office to.Can't get level three tech support to call them back I'm not gonna pay for this broken crap It's a shame because I really like it when it works.

I recently uncovered that these guys are actually the tech support for Silverlight audio.
That might be part of the problem.
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