Netflix Movie Fans

This website has a public database that anyone can update and add new movie to.

I added the netflix url next to each movie so that you can quickly add them all to your queue.


Please help me update the descriptions of the nude scenes in each film if you have seen the film.




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Go to IMDB and look for titles with those or similar keywords.

I guess we all commemorate 9/11 in our own different and unique ways ....



After seeing this site, I "commemorated" all day yesterday.
I agree.

Seems like the best MF forum for this...

God Bless America!
Please help update this site. 90 people have visited this site from this thread. No one has updated a single description for me :( Contribute!
I don't watch movies for nude scenes, if I want nude scenes I look at my wife.
We look at your wife, too.
Let's see some pics
You want high rez jpegs or full motion HD video?  Usual payment sent to tb, as always.
I'd hit it.


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