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I am looking for "That's Life" starring Jack Lemmon and Julie Andrews. I looked at the list of movies that both Lemmon and Andrews have been in. "That's Life" is the only one not listed. It is a funny movie and it sure would be nice to have this available in the rentals AND the Watch Instantly area. Also, there was a show that premiered in 1986 called Crime Story. It was set in the 1960's and starred Dennis Farina. The show ran for 2 seasons. I thought it was incredible and am hoping that Netflix will bring it onboard. Barney Miller would be a great addition as would be Fish, the spinoff starring Abe Vigoda.

Does anyone at Netflix read these blog posts? Is there another way to get legitimate requests across?

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Hi Missy, Welcome to Movie Fans.

Don't count on anyone from Netflix reading this board. You could try posting on their Facebook page but they don't want customers to send in recommendations for movies to carry. The NF site used to have a link for customers to do that but they took it off and when asked why they said basically that they know every movie and tv show available on dvd and don't need customers to tell them.

They have Crime Story season 1 and Barney Miller available on DVD. If you are looking for NF to put them on Instant Watch they might eventually. The Instant Watch shows change around a lot.
If you're on Twitter you can send title requests to @Netflixhelps or @Netflix - and you can always call Customer Service at 1-866-716-0414 and suggest it there (although there are those here who suspect that calls have no effect with respect to title requests).
If you decide to call CS, be sure to state that you want your suggestion to be submitted.
Good point Ed8r. Some of us suspect that NF Customer Service is good at taking suggestions but you have to specifically tell them you want it submitted so they pass them along. Some of us suspect they feel they have done their job when they take the suggestion - Sort of like the Reservations skit in Seinfeld. Any CSR can take the suggestion - it's the submitting the suggestion that's the most important part.

GreenCine says That's Life is currently out of print.

GreenCine often has a bit more information than does Netflix.
Thanks!!! That movie was so awesome! I'll get a print somewhere!!
Well, apparently, it has been bootlegged onto DVD but the quality is so poor that it is not worth it. Guess I'll just forget about it!


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