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There's a Blog entry at Hacking Netflix about he ability to have multiple Q's.

What do you think about it and is it work paying for even if it is a small one time fee? And why isn't Netflix offering this outright?

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I have to ask, as usual, why we have to go to an outside source --, Facebook, etc. -- for something Netflix is perfectly capable of providing in-house, but declines to do.  So irritating.


This is, I take it, just like having "profiles," but would work for Instant Watching as well as dvds? 

why we have to go to an outside source for something Netflix is perfectly capable of providing in-house

I'm pretty sure the reason is because they've provided the API toolkit with the hopes that many ingenious 3rd parties would take the reins of creativity and create some really cool ways of utilizing the service. Apple does the same. Look at all the really cool iPhone and iPad apps that have been created using the API for the iOS. Googla and Android the same. Group sourcing is supposed to open the realm of creativity and allow people to create for themselves. The problem is however, not too many have done much with it. Especially not as many as have with Apple - instantwatcher and Feedflicks (and a few others) being the exceptions. I guess there are only so many ways to use movie data. We power users seem to come up with a lot though. But apparently not many others do. There are a LOT of half-baked ideas out there, but seems the creator lost interest somewhere along the way and abandoned the project eventually.

why isn't Netflix offering this outright?

Now, now children - remember what Daddy threatened us with last time we complained.  We must be good little customers and appreciate what we have.  There are people all over the world who  don't have any Netflix queue at all ...well not all over the world but some places don't have it...yet.


But to answer the question - it's not worth the trouble to me.  I watched the video and it looks like a hassle to get the movie to start on Roku.



Weird isn't it?  Last night there was a sarcastic remark after the "why isn't Netflix offering this outright?"


Something like -- We shouldn't complain - remember what Daddy threatened last time we complained - we must be good customers and happy we have any queue at all - lots of people the world over don't have a queue.  


Something like that -   I was wondering where that comment went. I must have deleted it accidentally.  too much late - too much beer..



It's the magic of Ning.  I could read your full comment WHILE the page was loading, but now that it finished all I can see is your first line.  MAGIC, I tellz ya.

I would pay for the ability to HAVE a queue...

Be careful what you ask for.

Great idea I suppose, but now that my screen is completely frozen and I cannot get out of the offer, nor can I accept the offer, I consider it a problem, not a solution. Now I cannot watch anything else except this ad for MultiQ and it annoys me greatly!




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