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Hi I am really confused. I have been watching netlfix EVERY night on my netbook? Also sometimes on my xbox. Tonight I have typed netlfix into google clicked on the website link in google search engine and it says "ooops page not found"??????? Then sometimes it says cannot find the netflix server?? it is saying i have typed netflix wrong???? Err no i haven't!!!!

Please help I have no idea if its netlfix at fault or my laptop has had a funny fit but it was fine last night no one else has been on it but me and i only use it for internet browsing.......


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Look here.

And you should watch this.

confused more than ever?? Clicked on your links and is doing the same thing Can't find server? Is netflix on the blink or something? Netbook is loading all other websites so it ain't my computer!

Thanks for your help will just keep trying to load netflix.

You're in England. Things get weird sometimes over there.

your right there mate England is extremely weird :-D Just getting right on my nerves apparently the service was down now its up but i still can't get bugger all. Am gonna try loading it on my xbox see if i got a problem there too!!

So annoying I was on the 7th episode of prison break :-(


Thanks for taking time to reply to a sad woman desperate for prison break :-)

Very glad e_man was able to help you - or at least hold your hand while the servers fixed themselves.  This whole England experiment is still having more than the usual teething problems (even for the perpetually problematic Netflix).  Have a good one!




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