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I have used Paypal to pay for my netflix account for a long time now, ever since I got a physical visa card from Paypal, and also I've used the virtual cards Paypal generates for me to use online. Recently I discovered that Netflix will not take payment using my Paypal cards, not even a newly created virtual card. The Netflix website says they do not accept Prepaid Visa or Mastercard cards. This is ridiculous, IMHO, as long as they are getting their money, what difference does it make? The main reason I was using Paypal was so I don't get smacked by unexpected stuff and wind up suffering from overdraft fees, but I guess Netflix doesn't like getting paid by Paypal. It's good enough for a heck of a lot of other people, but not Netflix. Maybe I'll just drop Netflix and just use Redbox or something. Seriously, this is just dumb. So what if I want to use a prepaid card of some kind, as long as it has money, Netflix gets paid. It runs out of money, like my Bank account does sometimes, and Netflix doesn't get paid, the exact same situation. Don't tell me my bank pays Netflix and hits me with overdraft fees, they don't pay anybody, and hit me with overdraft fees. So, Netflix wants to be stupid and discriminate. Makes me mad. Oh, and they no longer accept email, maybe because of way too many complaints, or maybe because of too much spam and viruses. I dunno. But sitting around on a phone for someone to talk to just makes me more upset, not less. So, I'm dumping my complaint in the only place I can find that maybe Netflix people might actually go to look. Sorry about that guys. You don't know me, I'm a geek, a Numbers obsessed freak, I love anime and movies and stuff. I have been a Netflix user for a very long time. But if they pull crap like this much more, I'm gone.

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This is ridiculous, IMHO, as long as they are getting their money, what difference does it make?

Instead of answering your question for you, I'd challenge you to think about it a bit more. Netflix is in the business of making money, and they very much want yours. With their profits in mind, they'd likely have a well-reasoned business reason for not accepting pre-paid cards. Your question has been addressed here a few times, if you do a search of relevant terms you'll probably find your answer.

In the end though, it's up to you to decide whether or not to keep their service. You are the consumer here and have all the power. If you aren't satisfied you should move on. After all, why pay for a service you don't like? You certainly don't have to.

On the other hand, you could just give them a traditional CC # and carry on. When the Chinese takeout place put a sign up that they weren't taking personal checks anymore, I was annoyed. But the Hot & Sour Soup is so damn good I just started paying cash.
Who the hell pays for Chinese takeout with checks.
When it's the tough part of the month... (i.e. the last 27 days)
As I stated in another post......

Regina, just like you, my prepaid card locks out funds when 'authorized'. My job REQUIRES us to use 'prepaid' payroll / online bank cards because they're too darned cheap to go with paper checks, and I'm not about to use one of the local banks because of their service fee's, hidden fee's, and 'lets screw our customers' attitude. And now, because of what NETFLIX (Yes, I'm yelling that name.) did I'm now going to blockbuster.... I hate it, but I have no other choice. I'm still trying to decide if I should open a website against NETFLIX or not. That depends on how much user feedback I get...but I can still say, and thankfully by my U.S. freedoms... I'M NOT HAPPY NETFLIX! And you will see how much influence the people really do have! You WILL see!

As for 2McAbre... stop trying to defend netflix just because you have a 'real' credit card. And step outta my way, cause I'm not stopping until I get my satisfaction back!

And on another post at another site.....

Of course that jerk who works for netflix would say that.

And what about this 'we no longer take prepaid credit cards' thing going on. Yeah, because of my job, I have no choice BUT to use a prepaid credit card. And before you even say I do have a choice, shut the hell up...because I can promise you and BET you 1 billion dollars that I in fact DO NOT have a choice. So gag it!

Netflix has made an enemy out of me, a 'used to be long standing member' of netflix. Well, now blockbuster has my business, and I've been telling all of the blockbuster employees all about your wonderful NETFLIX and how you've treated your customers. And in my next move, you'll probably be getting more calls from the media, as I totally intend to make this so publicized that Netflix will be wishing they've not done what they have. Just because of a few bad apples, you treat every-one with prepaid cards like dirt, smear them in the ground, and piss on them like a urinal.

I also, in fact, spoke to a netflix rep on the phone, and he in fact did not like what's going on with it. He also stated that he had some 'verbs' to use, but he can't because he works for netflix. TAKE THAT NETFLIX! You're OWN people are disgruntled!

Sad really, you went from a piece of crap company back in 2005 to a real nice and decent one in 2008, but right back in that crap hole in 2009.

I laugh at you NETFLIX, I laugh at you!
Actually I'm not, and if you want to test that, come on down to Missouri and get to know me better, you'll find that I'm a caring and kind person 'most' of the time, and I really don't like yelling, but when a company does this without even so much as a notice (even though they didn't have too, it's common courtesy) that ticks me off. I'm also a Vol. Firefighter so I have plenty of patience.....but I don't go charging on my card, what I can't afford. Yeah, lucky you that you have a real checking account. Good luck when the banks start taking crap out of your account suddenly, and when [not if, but when] that starts happening, I'll feel for you.

So some of us aren't as perfect as you, and frankly I could care less. I've already created an account at blockbuster using my PRE-PAID Credit Card and they're MORE than willing to take that. I think it's funny how netflix just lost that much more money.
2McAbre, as far as your "real" checking account, mine was closed in a divorce and the low life _______ took off and left me 10.000 in debt that I have paid off in the last 10 years. But since I am listed on check systems I cant open a bank account and since he was a joint account holder< and the one notified of this event, I cant get the necessary information I need to get the listing taken care of, i have offered to pay it on the phone, by email, certified letter and they will not come up with the total of what I owe, so I cant get it taken care of and I cannot open a checking account anywhere til it gets taken care of, before you make judgements, you really need to walk a mile in my shoes.
and the low life _______ took off and left me 10.000 in debt that I have paid off in the last 10 years.

It took you ten years to pay off 10 bucks??

Affordable entertainment options are the least of your worries.
because I can promise you and BET you 1 billion dollars that I in fact DO NOT have a choice
Ok, I'll take that bet.

You said in your opening paragraph that you do have the choice of using a real bank... like 99.9% of the rest of the world. How will you be paying me? cash or credit card... btw, I don't take debit cards.

Let's see... Netflix is screwing you, banks screw you and now you're going to be claiming that people on here are screwing you too.
No, no one here in the community is screwing me at all. And yeah, if you look at financial statistics, it's a well known fact that banks are getting more and more greedy with their fees and charges. Due to my credit, I am unable to open any checking accounts at banks. And yes, I'm working on fixing my credit so that in 4 years I will be able to open an account, and at that time I'll get a credit card. But right now I do not have that option. Netflix had no problems getting funds from me. Why couldn't they just make a system that allowed them to 'ban' the bad cards that they've had problems with instead of blocking all of them who's been in good standing? I think that would be a more logical thing to do, and they wouldn't be missing out on as much money. I honestly enjoy the crap out of netflix, but this ordeal just makes me mad. I can't help it. So in light of that, I'm not saying that everybody or every company screws me.

And as for cash, I'd be more than willing to stop at an atm and withdraw fund if that would be the case. I don't think Netflix takes cash though...or money orders for that matter.

Yeah, I could go to wally-world and get a prepaid netflix card, but frankly... I just won't do it, when I can use blockbuster to conveniently have it done online.
unfortunately, professor some of us dont quality for traditional credit cards, so prepaid cards are our only option, but the chicken cowards at netflix wont even answer an email to give a logical explanation why the stoppage of prepaid credit cards, they sure havent neglected to collect their fees for three years so whats the problem? You dont understand at all that when you are low income or credit challenged your choices of legal, enjoyable, healthy entertainment are seriously limited, I'm not some irresponsible teenager, Im a 45 year old mother of 2 caring for her disabled husband, I hope netflix corporate officers are really comfortable with themselves
You dont understand at all that when you are low income or credit challenged your choices of legal, enjoyable, healthy entertainment are seriously limited

How's 'bout shadow puppets?
Wow, Regina. I have to tell you that while I empathize with your situation, I do not see you as someone who is victimized by Netflix. Netflix corporate officers are obligated to stockholders, who invest because Netflix is a consistently profitable business. Netflix is one of the most profitable companies in the world, especially where the internet is concerned. Their corporate officers have a long track record of making sound business decisions. Unfortunately though, no company can satisfy each and every consumer.

This is really simple: If you go to a restaurant and don't like the way they cook the food, don't return to that restaurant. Netflix is a for-profit business, it is their right to conduct their business on their own terms. When people sign up for Netflix, they agree to the terms of service, which then becomes a legal contract between the consumer and Netflix. Netflix doesn't owe you anything, nor should they continue a practice that isn't profitable for them because it inconveniences a minute percentage of their customers or potential customers.

It appears to me from what you have said that Netflix doesn't seem like the right option for you at the moment, given your current situation. There's plenty of great TV out there, maybe enjoy that until Netflix becomes a better option.

As for legal, healthy,enjoyable entertainment -- I walk a few miles each day.




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