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[post script Mon morning]

If you're in the mood, this is more the way i feel that Reed's letter should have sounded. What's your feedback on it -- better? worse?

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Ah but Obama has a plan to bring Broadband to over 90% of the land.


Hey, you fell for his earlier jokes, why not that one?


I didn't "fall" for Obama's "jokes". I was just temporarily relieved when the leader of the world's last superpower could speak in complete sentences again after a grueling 8 years.


You know where I stand with Washington and Wall Street: Bring out the guillotines! 

Too French.  We use a rope in this country you damned canuck!

Pihk, your avatar change has thrown me for a loop. I now don't see your posts as from you. Change back please.


And by the way, looks like we're about to get another Texan for a while. Yee haw! *slaps hat on knee*

LOL...the time has come for Pihk2.0....I will be trying different avatars until I find the right one. Consider this the Pornstache Phase.

the time has come for Pihk2.0

Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis... or a maggot squirming its way out of a rotting corpse.  ;  )

Thank the Lords of Kobol!

Hmmm, I don't remember what Pihk's avatar used to be.


I have noticed a lack of posts from the person who

had the Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi) avatar.  I found

it interesting and surreal when Count Dracula and

Nosferatu (Spindaddydad) had conversations with

each other on the board.

Only when his teleprompter was working... and he was reading his own lines instead of somebody elses... and when he didn't mispronounce words... or say the wrong word... so not very often.



Doo u want free netflix accounts premium for free...thats petty good offer

Free stuff for free?!?! 




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