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Looking for assistance with a buffering issue.  I'm about to blame 2 Sony bluray players for the issue.


I have been working with a customer who recently was given a Sony BDP-570 BR player.  I got called to his house for Netflix problems.  Movie starts playing just fine, but freezes and stops completely.  It will not rebuffer and the only way to fix is to go back HOME and resume the movie.  Netflix blamed his speed, which I know for a fact is not the issue since his speed test before, during and after the freeze are all 15+ and the net doesn't stop when the freeze happens so it's not locking up the modem.


Now, I also have a Sony BR but it's the BDP-370.  For giggles I setup Netflix for my house.  Within 5 minutes the movie freezes just like my customer.  Well, I also have the laptop, a PS3 and a Wii and guess what.  They all are working just fine.  I'm actually testing the Wii at this moment and the movie has been playing nonstop for 26 minutes.  I'll add that the 3 working components are also wireless while the BR is wired.


I haven't signed up for any other service with the BR like Hulu or anything.  I have watched some of the free content within the menus and never experienced any issues but I don't know if they're long enough to see an issue.


Anyway, has any one seen or heard of this issue with Sony BR's?  Also all updates have been performed.



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I think you're most likely to find the answer to this question in the Instant Watch Help group.

Click the picture or the link below to join the group:
When I see this message that says go to the instant watch help group I go there looking for the answer. I have yet to see the answer to a question asked here show up there. What am I missing?

it's actually the group where your message should have been posted. More "techy" people visit that section than in others, so it is more likely to be seen there. You should join that group, then post your question in there.


I have the BDP-S570 and have no streaming problems. It might helpful to point out that all movies have separate encodes for each device. In other words, a movie might play fine on all devices except for one if the encode for that device is bad.


Tell me the title of the movie and I'll test it on my same player. Is there a certain place where it locks up?

Spindaddy, i've had it happen on 2 titles so far.  Bad Company and National Geographic:Secret Yosemite.


I started BC again and it stopped in the first scene where they are playing chess.  I restarted the movie and it has just stopped where Mr Turner jumps the wall to get into the car. I'm restarting it again and will post back the next stop.


I will add though that it actually resumed on it's own while I was watching the NatGeo show.  Took almost 10 minutes though.

just froze again at the club scene when he changes the music.
I have Bad Company (crappy Starz pan & scan, btw) playing now on the Sony S570. It has been running for about 30 minutes now and hasn't frozen yet. Got through the scenes you mentioned without s snag. I guess we can eliminate it from being a bad encode for this particular device.

Spindaddydad - This is part of the issue isn't it?  Sending those pesky packets downstream was supposed to have been cured by multiple ROKU, etc locations around the country and insuring that the encoding was conforming to the Netflix transmission content. 

So here it is, Saturday night....halfway thru Heroes....and loading, loading, LOCK~  reboot, restart, re-unplug and LOCK~

Another fun night with instant movie watching.

The Sony 570 is legendary for "Loading..."  The problem is Sony servers, as far as I can tell, since the streams have to go through Sony on the way to your player.  My Sony was connected via Cat5e Ethernet to my router (ATT U-verse Internet with 18Mbps).  I also have a Vizio with built in web apps and two Roku boxes.  None of them have problems...ever.  Sony all the time.  In fact, after several calls to Sony tech support and going through the same useless diagnostics with a dufus reading from a script, I have retired the Sony as a streaming device and just use it to play Blu-ray and 3D movies (both of them). 

The middle-priced Roku box--$78 at amazon with full 1080p HD capability--is the box I suggest.  The remote and the menus are simple, and it doesn't hang.  The Roku box itself is about the size of a hard drive.  And of late, Roku has made the credit card registration optional, so apparently they listen to users.  A couple people here have managed to get their money back from Sony.  Spend all the time you want trying to fix the Sony, but you can't.


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