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I signed up for two movies a month at the advertised rate of $4.99 last week. Today this is what Netflix charged to my credit card:

04/02/2010 pending NFI*WWW.NETFLIX.COM/CC $5.49
04/02/2010 pending NFI*WWW.NETFLIX.COM/CC $1.00


04/02/2010 pending NFI*WWW.NETFLIX.COM/CC $1.00

$5.49 rental fee

$1.00 credit card verification fee


This is a total of $6.49 for an advertised price of $4.99. Now they are getting into Blockbuster territory.


04/02/2010 pending NFI*WWW.NETFLIX.COM/CC $5.49
04/02/2010 pending NFI*WWW.NETFLIX.COM/CC $1.00


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I'm sorry but just so we're clear, are you complaining about Netflix charging you tax on your monthly fee and a one time $1 fee to verify your credit card on a new account?
The charge did not state that tax was added. Why would tax be added since Netflix does not have any retail storefronts in Ohio?

I belonged to netflix in the past and they never charged the $1.00 fee before. Why don't they just state that the first month is $4.99 plus tax plus a one time charge of $1.00?
It's all in their Terms of Use.

By starting your Netflix membership, you are expressly agreeing that we are authorized to charge you a monthly membership fee, any applicable tax and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of the Netflix service to the Payment Method you provided during registration

Defintely call Netflix directly if you don't agree with all of that.
The $5.49 charge may be the result of an addition for sales tax. The card verification fee is presumably a one time charge.
Well Ohio's state tax is 5.5% and Netflix would be required to collect it for the service they provide, there might be a county or regional transit tax also, you would know what your local sales tax is. The different is 50¢, but the tax on 4.99 (at 5.5%) is only 28¢, so I dont know what the extra 22¢ is for.

I would most definately call them and ask WTF is going on, I've never been charged a CCV fee... Is that what it says, or are you just assuming? Do you have BluRay access on your account? Maybe that's how they note the extra fee for that...

I just checked at the Netflix site... Are you sure you didnt add BluRay to your account?

1 DVD out at-a-time $4.99 a month
(limit 2 rentals a month)
Watch instantly (up to 2 hours a month) on your PC or Mac
A Netflix ready device cannot be used with this plan
Starz Play and live Starz Play TV channel are not available
Click here to add Blu-ray access for an additional cost

Sure you didnt click here?
The $1.00 is most likely simply an authorization to validate the card. You will NOT see the $1 post to your account, the pending transaction will fall off and the $1 will be returned to your balance.

There is tax on Netflix rentals. From the site:

"The regular price of the 1 DVD out at-a-time (Unlimited) plan is $8.99 (plus any applicable tax). "

They may not have a retail storefront in Ohio, but they sure have distribution centers. Plus, I'm not sure how taxes on Internet purchases work, but I know there's been talk in state governments of taxing web purchases.
I got the $1 charge when I switched credit cards for Netflix payments. It was never actually charged to my account, they just test your card to see if it works before they charge you for anything.

The rest is probably taxes.
Geez... could have been cleared up with a 2 minute phone call. Hey, JJ... PM me. I'll send you a dollar.




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