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I bought a netflix prepaid on 5/16/2010 at the local best buy

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There never was a ban on those....

Netflix doesn't accept prepaid credit cards...

Why can't those whiny pre-paid ban petition ppl just use that NFlix gift card then?
exactly Nicole, its because they want to sigh up for the free membership trial then not pay anything I guess.
Or why don't they just use their credit card?
Because they cannot get a real credit card, and "sometimes" various employers or "services" issue a form of prepaid credit card which they deposit payroll or "monthly" allotments into.

But once again, they could use "Those" cards to buy "These". I've been using them for a long time... Whenever friends of family want to gift me something (xmas, bday...) I ask for these and use them to pay for my service. If I don't have any I buy a yearly and pay for it all at once. And yeah, you do still need a credit card, but my debit card works just fine.
okay, well most online services do not accept those, you ever wounder why?
I explained why in the other post about this subject ;-)

Over and Over and Over. I even told them about these prepaid Netflix cards, but some refused to listen.

What you gonna do?
Okay I am wrong, I just went to load the gift card and guess what you need a credit card in order to use your gift card. This sucks
sorry folks
Go get a bank account...I've got some bad points on my credit history but it never stopped me from opening a checking account. Seriously banks are everywhere ( even in Walmart for pete's sake ) and many don't ask for a minimum deposit or a monthly fee. As soon as you get your debit card in the mail you won't have to worry about how you'll pay for online services.
Yup, but you should have at least a dollar in the account, as Netflix will preauthorize a transaction to check to see if the account is valid ;-)
I don't understand. Why would you need a credit card if you have pre-paid for a gift card?
It's how Netflix is making sure their product gets back to them. It'd be easy to purchase a gift card and never return the disk(s) after your paid period is up. This way they can charge the credit card on file accordingly if such incidents occur.




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