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Last year when the Post Office was struggling with mounting losses there was a proposal for them to end Saturday deliveries.  Immediately, analysts announced that Netflix would be the big winner when the Post Office ended Saturday shipping.  Now the Post Office is doing much better and not only did the Post Office not end Saturday deliveries, they are currently testing Sunday deliveries in San Fransisco for Amazon.

Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to increase profits by 15%, Netflix has gone ahead and ended Saturday deliveries on their own.  I did not learn of this change from the media.  I did not learn of this change through an email from Netflix.  I learned of this change while speaking to Netflix Customer Service about a problem with their website.  They told me that Saturday deliveries were discontinued.

Cutting Saturday deliveries is more than a 17% reduction in service since the majority of Postal Holidays fall on Mondays.  That amounts to a very large price increase and I am disappointed not only that Netflix is cutting service but choice to do it very quietly.

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For those of us who've been members long enough, this is merely a return to the old days. And it was introduced with about the same fanfare as it was discontinued, if memory serves.

The Netflix website stated that they shipped six days a week when I signed up.

They Lie. 

A Lot.

I quit putting up with them, but then there are The Others.   ;)

Then I guess you haven't been a member long enough... :-)

They shipped only 5 days a week when I signed up.

Ditto. And since I kept my last disc for 16 months, I don't have much cause for complaint. Yikes!

16 months!  No wonder the stock price has risen so high!   ;)

If the electric company cut service by 17% but did not lower prices consumers would be upset.  My guess is that Netflix started the Saturday deliveries when both Blockbuster and Walmart were in the game.  Streaming is of little value to me since I'm only interested in brand new releases and no one has those on streaming yet.  My hope is that Amazon will be the company that works out the deals with the studios and ultimately crushes Netflix.

If you're only interested in brand new releases Netflix is the last place you want to be.  It's why I quit.  There are other ways to see new movies, usually 2 to 4 weeks before they are released on disc in the US.

Of course, you could always go to a *gulp*  movie theater.

Huffington Post article,

Netflix Quietly Stopped Saturday DVD Deliveries, And You Didn't Eve...

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It would have been more honest if Netflix had mentioned that they were considering this the last time they raised their fees and announced their tier pricing schedules. But like a few others on this forum, I can't wait for Amazon to get their thing together and swamp Netflix down the drain. Where I live, Amazon even delivers on Sundays!

Yes, agree. I've had it Netflix. I'm going to switch to Amazon for my movie rentals. Sunday disc deliveries? Awesome!

Amazon delivers packages on Sundays for an extra fee. Don't know much about their movie rental business. Thought it was streaming only, but could be wrong. It's definitely an open market, one that they'll surely get into with both feet, and ultimately dominate.




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