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Netflix site not loading tonight (EDIT: It's officially down)...

Has anyone tried visiting the Netflix website?  For some strange reason it doesn't want to load.  My internet is working fine except for the Netflix site.

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Same here... seems to be down... 8:30pm EST
I was able to log in at first, but had problems trying to add a DVD to my queue...kept throwing an error. Now it doesn't work for me at all.

Sorry folks, I think I broke Netflix.
Seems it looks like it's back up, at least, for me. I was able to add a couple movies to my queue successfully.
Yeah it's back up but just completely lost the streamer that I was watching-said it wasn't available on streaming and now I can't access the network on the tube at all. The network will not initialize on my Samsung. One of those nights I guess.
Yeah its snailing for me too.
It was working fine for me on the 7th.
Tonight, the 9th - (home page) was failing for an hour or so. all "seems" to be fine now.

*looks around to see if anyone is watching, leans in and whispers* silverlight (shh)
Nope... Nuh Uh... Linux :-P<..... ..
Lists were constantly down all day and night yesterday and are still down. Yesterday if I tried constantly I could occasionally get a list screen to come up but not long enough to save anything. Since last night though nothing but the Community Features Unavailable screen. And though they should have received my disc Saturday (I mailed it Friday morning right outside their downtown PO address) my queue still shows nothing received or shipped. Errgh!
Has anyone else tried to leave a note (using the URL and movie ID method)? Looks like they've closed that loophole. I wanted to find how my friends had rated a particular title and was unable to get the LeaveNote page to come up. AddToList doesn't work either. Grr!

I guess that's why it was down last night. :-(
It's still working for me Mabell, I use that URL a lot to see what my friends rated all the time. I just tried it this morning with Revolver and it was listing it fine.
Yeah, I just tried it again, and it is working. My bad. Sorry. I do expect them to close this loophole anytime now, but not yet. Whew.
Hmm...I am curious as to why so many are having issues with the site. The only problem I've encountered is some of the community features are not available, but I figured they may be actually adding some much needed features to that portion of the site.




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