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Does anyone know how long it usually takes Netflix to put up a new episode of an ongoing TV series? (I mean in the case of a series that Netflix is consistently putting up new episodes as they air.) Thanks in advance if anyone knows!

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I haven't noticed NF posting episodes of currently running TV shows this year. They have done it in the past for Heroes and a couple of others. Is there one you are watching that Netflix is posting?

If Netflix doesn't have it check They're posting current episodes of Burn Notice and Lost right now. I'm sure they have other current shows that I don't keep up with.

Also, Netflix adds the "coming soon" to the availability of a a show before it becomes available to Watch Instantly and one of our members posts those on his site. So check the Streaming Soon to Netflix website to see if what you want is listed there.
Yes, I've been watching Legend of the Seeker on Netflix. The second season is currently running, and they have all the episodes except the newest one available to watch instantly (they have a button for the newest one, but it is green rather than blue, and the episode is not yet available). I just don't know how long it actually takes for them to put up the episode once it airs.
I see, Hunger is showing as Save. I don't know of any place that shows when the next one will be added other than what the NF profile says "Check for new episodes every week to watch instantly on Netflix!" Hunger's air date is 2/20 and shows they post them on Monday a week after the air date so maybe Netflix does the same.

I have this in my Instant Watch queue but haven't started watching it yet.




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