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 I am on a quest to find the best animes on Netflix and help people become un-bored. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! :]

1. School Rumble  -  hilarious and by far the best anime I have seen yet!

2. Soul Eater  -  amazing and funny

3. D-Gray. Man  -  very funny

4. Nabari no ou {violence}

5. Black Butler {violence}

6. Darker than BLACK

7. Naruto [ and shippuden not on netflix yet]

          and many more! please help the public become un-bored! thanks:] :]

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I don't know if all of these are still available from Netflix or in what format but:


Ergo Proxy

Serial Experiments: Lain

Boogiepop Phantom


If you want more action, less philosophy:


Black Lagoon


Witch Hunter Robin

Last Exile

I have no idea NF status on these.  I also back up Seven on Lain and Witch Hunter.


Ghost Stories is hilarious if you get the dubbed.  They basically did their own voice acting, not dubbing and it has a lot of jokes, silliness, and I laughed pretty hard at it.



Elfen Lied

Jing: King of Bandits

Princess Mononoke



Ghost In The Shell
Ghost In The Shell 2.0
Ghost In The Shell 2 Innocence
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society
The Sky Crawlers
Angels Egg
Neon Genesis Evangelion
End of Evangelion
Ergo Proxy
Blood, The Last Vampire
Blood +
Last Exile
Porco Rosso
Witch Hunter Robin
Wolfs’ Rain
Grave of the Fireflies

    and of course-

Cowboy Bebop



Millennium Actress

Perfect Blue

Paranoia Agent

Barefoot Gen

  and of course - (to continue in et's vein)

Samurai Champloo

I didn't know they'd made a Barefoot Gen anime--I've read the mangas, but never thought to look up if there were movies made.  Thanks, but I see they're in Saved status (meaning, eh, probably not going to happen...)  But yeah, it was a cool story.
Saved? Damn. I rented it from Netflix a year and a half ago. It was really good in that "Grave of the Fireflies" kind of way, though it is way more graphic.

A big yes for everything EXCEPT Barefoot Gen.  A very anti American peice that spreads the Japanese lie (and even today used as a teaching aid in their schools) that they didn't start the war and were not responsible for anything at all, just innocent lambs invaded by Imperialistic Americans horny for their women.

Wolf's Rain is great if you skip (I think) disc 4 it was, nothing but a recap from each character and it wasn't like it added new perspective like it should have if they were going to try that.
Yeah, that disk's a coaster.  It's recently come down in price for all 30 eps in a box, and was one of the Xmas specials over at right stuff that Knalds steered me to.  They're out of stock now, unfortunately.

Haibane Renmei

Jin Roh - The Wolf Brigade

Ninja Scroll


Blue Submarine No. 6


Paranoia Agent

Read or Die

R. O. D. the TV

Robot Carnival



Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter D:  Bloodlust



Not Akira...
Yes Akira.  It's old and for kids, but a solid piece of Science Fiction with the standard "sticking by your friends" background.




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