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I have been streaming Netflix on my PC attached to my 1080p TV. I have been somewhat dissapointed in the streaming quality and was wondering if a Roku would imporve quality of Netflix's SD streams vs. a PC. Has anyone used both and could give me an opinion before I consider buying?

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I'm not a big fan of laptop audio, so the Roku (at <$100) is a no brainer.

As for an improvement of the SD picture quality: if you have your laptop/TV hooked up with HDMI...then there really shouldn't be a noticeable difference compared to the Roku.
If you're not already DVD quality picture, then you may not have enough bandwidth.
I've got a 20mbps connection and via my PC it streams easily at the top speed Silverlight allows (1500kbps) but the quality is definitely not DVD quality. It's slightly jerky and fuzzy. I felt the old player was closer to DVD quality than I'm getting with Silverlight. Is the Roku more like the old player?
I use a roku with Verizon fios and it is definitely DVD quality.


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