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We just got the disks to view instantly on the PS3. We watched movies with my niece's netflix account after entering the unlock code. Then I went to watch another time and was asked to enter the unlock code again. I did this while signed into my own account. So now my Watch Instantly queue is showing up. There is no place in the interface to log out of my account. We tried ejecting the disk and starting again, but it still goes to my account.

Any ideas?

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You'll have to deactivate the PS3, then reactivate it on your Netflix account. It's fairly easy to do, but if the PS3 is already associated with another account it can get a bit tricky. I think it would be best if you called customer service at 1-866-716-0414, we'll be happy to give you a hand.
Ok, Thanks.

I found the Manage Netflix ready devices in my account settings for Netflix. It showed both my niece's PS3 and my computer. I selected deactivate the PS3.

The PS3 still goes to my Instant queue. I will give it a little more time. I will wait until tomorrow and then call customer service if it does not go or prompt for activation with my niece's account.
Please post all your Instant Watch tech questions here:

I had this same issue where the PS3 was already associated with another account and wouldn't let me log out and get the activation code again. Here is what you do

1.) From the main home screen of the PS3 scroll over to the video tab and instead of hitting the Netflix logo to play the disc go up to the top and you should see BD Data Utility
2.) Hit X (enter) on that and you should see a netflix entry, hit the triangle button and select to delete it
3.) That's it when you fire up the netflix instant streaming disc on your PS3 now it won't remember the previously logged in account and instead give you the activation code again so you can log in with a different one.

Hope this helps!

The easiest (and the only way i know of) way to deactivate your PS3 from your Ps3 is doing this button sequence QUICKLY.  


up up

down down

left right

left right

up up up up


Your account info should pop up, with the option to deactivate.  Hope this helps.  


I can't deactivate any accounts that have ever been on my PS3 from the computer, always had to do it this way.

WOW  a mortal combat code lol

Hold start and select as soon as you press x on the netflix app. this is much faster and easier




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