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Is there any way to delete it?

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You can watch a couple of minutes of three other movies and "push" that embarassing one out of the "recently watched" section. But it's still there if you go to "Your Account & Help" and pick the All Instant Watch Activity.
I still honestly do not get why this would ever be a problem. Who cares what you watched before?

The only reply I have ever gotten that made - much sense was when parents let their kids watch movies, and they didn't want the kids to know they watched r rated "naughty" movies.

But that's an easy fix, simply tell your kids (and enforce it, you are the "adult" after all) that IF THEY DARE to do anything other then click on the link to start the latest My Little Pony movie, they will be grounded for 2 weeks, no PC's, cell phones, PS3's, Wii's, Ipods, etc. NOTHING...

Because quite frankly its not anyone elses job to parent someone elses children, and that extends to business's as well...

Im just saying... With that I see no other compelling reason why this is an issue.

Which My Little Pony movie?

He's just embarrassed about watching "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," and, quite frankly, I understand why.
Yeah but, you're the only person (or other family members) who can see that, and they already know you have weird tastes in movies and/or an odd personality.

So once again I ask, why would not being able to clear that list be an issue?

There probably is way, but you won't get help on this site. It seems many people just like to post replies wondering why you care, or attempting to be cute, smart or funny, but they are not. Anonymous rudeness on the internet; oh so empowering! I also don't post on every single comment that I don't care about or that annoys me because I could spend all day and night doing it.

Go to a hackers site and they can and will help you. I agree that privacy is huge issue today, and will become a even larger problem in the very near future.

Good luck.
Oh dear! Could you possibly be referring to me? Goodness!

Anonymous rudeness... ROFL! How funny!

Look peanut, this site is for MOVIE LOVERS, where we can talk about MOVIES because we love MOVIES...

Its not a "Bitch incessantly about shit that nobody can help you with site"... The reason some of us take pleasure in snarking these types of posts is because we can, and because we have read them OVER AND OVER AND OVER... Oh yeah, and because once every cycle there is a user like yourself, who gets all uppity about it, thats an added bonus laugh!

If the users who sign up just to post a single bitch post would simply take a moment to search the site, or read the faqs, or browse through the posts... I can guarantee you that most all issues that come up have been covered already, and there is nothing wrong with posting in a topic that is 2 years old, if the same problem/question whatever is still out there.

But nooooo.... They don't do that, instead they come in, sign up, post their post, and most of them never even bother to come back to see if someone has replied, or if they do they leave when they find out that either nobody cares, or if someone takes the time to reply (but its not what they want to hear) accuses the replier of being a kiss butt or an employee whose paid to say what they said.

Personally I don't care if some members get chased off the site.

If you can find a cracker (hacker) (don't even know the difference between terms do you?), who can infiltrate Netflix system and cause one persons viewing records to get deleted from said system? I'll buy you a cookie!

Privacy is only as important as a person makes it, I don't care who you are, I don't care if you know who I am, I am not afraid of what anyone "thinks", because I'm not stupid, nor am I gullible.
Honestly, you don't even need to use this website's search function, in MANY (if not all) cases they can just run a friggin google search on their question/complaint and find the answer instantly. But apparently, googling takes some skill... as a non-moron, this will seem like a joke - because you will know firsthand how bloody simple it is to google shit. Just put in "key" words, press enter, get answer. Yet, I am constantly surprised by the number of people that cannot figure out how to properly google. Furthermore, people are lazy as shit, and making a new post is (they think) easier than googling or searching.
Yet, I am constantly surprised by the number of people that cannot figure out how to properly google.

But what fun would we have then? You gotta admit... it is funny how some people who sign up here only do so to bitch then run off. I mean, it's like the internet gods send them here just for our comedy relief. Ain't it great... *wickedly snickering* is funny how some people who sign up here only do so to bitch then run off...

Hah! I got an image of a mouse peeking out of its hole, seeing the cheese, but then running away cause the cat came in the room...

Yes, that is the way my mind works.... :^D

Are we only suppose to come on here to sing praises of netflix?  judging by some of the childish responses to the complaints I can see why many don't return.


honestly you don't need to use this website function for anything, you can run a friggin google and find information and  with I'm sure much  more accuracy than what is written  by most users on this website.




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