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I would like to edit or remove my history. Called Netflix but said that they don't do this. I would like to be able to watch what ever I want without others coming on my computer and seeing what I have been doing.

I don't care if they keep an internal record, just as long as I don't have a record when I open my account.


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" to make yourself look like a giant asshole."

When in Rome...

Any idea why Netflix shouldn't allow you to hide the just to hide the viewed list if you want to?

(You know, trying to stick to the original question here.)
When in Rome...

So you admit you're being a giant asshole! You're not worth any more of my, or really anyone's, time. Go away and find some like-minded assholes to talk to.
Still avoiding the issue, aren't you, Lester?

We already know we're all giant assholes.

Why not take a stab at explaining Netflix's asinine policy?

"Why does Netflix need to display recently viewed movies and why shouldn't you be able to hide that display if you want to?"

Think you can answer that for us, or does being a giant asshole get in the way of simple explanations?
Go away and find some like-minded assholes to talk to.

I see what you did there, Lester.

And it hurts me shriveled soul...sniff
Not near as much as it hurts for you to look in the mirror, Elvis.
I see what you did there, Lester.

That wasn't about you, buddy. You gotta lay off the drugs, at least somewhat. :)
What a bunch of idiots.

Honestly, is this how you normally introduce yourself to strangers??

Paging Dale Carnegie

And the people here, who defend that policy, are like a bunch of idiot sheep who can't think for themselves.

Don't mistake "defend" and "don't care".

Just stop breeding...the world is overpopulated as it is. The rest of your rant doesn't suggest you have any valuable genetics that would be missed anyhow

You breeders always sound so stressed...try some porno while the kid is at soccer practice next time.
"Honestly, is this how you normally introduce yourself to strangers??"

No, that's how I normally introduce myself to idiots.

You're real cute, Elvis, but can you give an answer to the question:

"Why does Netflix need to display recently viewed movies and why shouldn't you be able to hide that display if you want to?"

"Why does Netflix need to display recently viewed movies and why shouldn't you be able to hide that display if you want to?"

Focus on what? How the heck are we supposed to know the answer to this? Are you asking us to guess?

It doesn't matter WHY you can't hide your movie history, Netflix doesn't allow you to, it's their website, so you can't hide your history. It's not a big conspiracy, and it's not even the worse thing about the Netflix website nor even the worse thing they've ever done to their customers.

What exactly is your point, guy?
I think you might be getting it.

I read through a lot of responses from idiots, who made idiot statements about why Netflix HAD to do it.

I clearly get the picture. People are pissed off with Netflix because of this asinine policy and these people, (like me), will take their trial month and quit. Thank you Netflix -- thank you for promoting a dumbass policy that's eliminates customers. Not too smart Netflix, but it's your right to be idiots.

The original poster on this thread asked a simple question and got nothing but smart-ass responses and condescending insinuations.

Are you guys joined at the hips with Netflix? Is there any particular reason you feel an overriding desire to kiss their ass and give them cover? (You're not all employed by them, I assume?)

Here's how this thread should have gone.

"Can I hide recently viewed movies in Netflix?"

"No, you can't."

Easy, isn't it?
So I guess the REAL answer here is you guys have no clue why Netflix feels it's necessary to reveal your recently viewed movies, without the option of hiding that list.

Why didn't you just say so in the first place?

I mean if you're afraid it would make you look like idiots -- well... how do I say it? We already know.

So try this.


No smart-ass, condescending "avoid-the-issue", knee-jerk, so-called "explanations" necessary.

See how simple that is?
No smart-ass, condescending
Go back and look at your verbal greeting as soon as you knocked on the door.




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