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I just got a Roku XR for Christmas and am not very pleased. When I start watching a new movie or show the streaming is interrupted 3-4 times reloading. The signal strength always drops too, After these reloading episodes it them stays running. It i really a pain. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks. Mike

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Have you checked the ROKU FAQs here? or ROKU forum or our IW Help Group?
Sounds like you have a slow internet connection? What is your speed?
I've had a Roku for years, bought it shortly after it was offered. Never had a problem until about 2-3 months ago. Now have a reloading interupt viewing every 2 minutes. I think Roku has changed their streaming requirements as I recall checking the technical requirements before I bought my box to ensure I had enough bandwidth to make it worthwhile. I have DSL 768 Uplink. When we bought the box this was within the capabilities of the Roku. I can stream Netflix to my computer on Wifi with NO interuptions so this download speed requirement seems bogus.
I hope Netflix realizes this is ruining their business as I am fustrated enough to go back to cable!
768 Kbps is not a fast/strong enough connection for instant watch... Never really has been. The lowest birate stream offered is 500, and unless your connection is clean and strong, its not going to sustain a good enough downstream to buffer enough of the program.
I Understand your comment...however as I noted I have had and used the Roku on this connection for nearly 3 years. There were NO problems, performance was flawless until earlier this year. My conclusion is that Netflix/Roku has made a change with the assumption that their customer have higher bandwidth connections than a mid range DSL pipe. This is to the detriment of folks like me who don't have the ability to step up to the higher data rate lines.




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